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  1. It kinda feels like these are automated at this point ..anyway revert med spray
  2. Having played between 80-220 ping over the years from Australia (Han --> Joker --> Colby --> Jericho), I personally believe anything above 220-230 to be completely unplayable. If you REALLY want to push it, 250 is tolerable (though not fun), but 300 is simply too much delay. If you can cope with it go for it, but I'll take a smaller server over a larger one where everything is 2 seconds behind what I see on my screen.
  3. It's also going to make the game unplayable for people living in and around the oceania region (myself included). The current location of the EU servers puts latency between 280-330 for people in this area, not that there are that many of us left.. Still, it's not like the game has much of a choice with pop as it is, even though there's no changes currently planned, it seems like an inevitability.
  4. I rerolled for the first time in ages the other day; hearing that music in the character creator is such a nostalgia trip
  5. WIth all the regular server maintenace, why does latency seem to keep rising over time on NA?
  6. Yeah, idk why we still have threat segregation on NA when it's actively killing more than half the already small remaining player base. But I suppose all they're focused on right now is the engine update which (if it happens) will be good, but won't bring back the players that are leaving right now because they are actually unable to play.
  7. Sooooo delete the game made by a complete dev team so the dev team of Matt and his unnamed assistant(s?) can make an entirely new game? And you assume this will be a faster process? Alright then..
  8. Thanks for clarifying, wasn't aware of this. Yeah, definitely a bridge too far.
  9. Maybe I misunderstood your point, but I took this as you thinking ffbans WAS doxxing which I agree, it isn't at all. Regardless it isn't coming back, and yeah it's probably healthier for something equal to it not to be integrated once/if we get a new anticheat.
  10. I don't really feel like revealing the in game name of someone is equivalent to doxxing. I totally agree if personal details of any kind were revealed then yeah it's a huge problem and I wouldn't agree with it, but you're only really seeing a name that's not even relevant after it shows up. Ego stroke point is fair though, but I personally never found the ffbans period to alter the quantity of blatant cheaters too much.
  11. I don't really get the dilemma with ffbans ASIDE from the false-positives. If you cheat at the game and constantly 'troll' people by saying you're legit to irritate them, then it's kinda fair game to be name & shamed.
  12. Here lies the Joker RFP Gone, but never forgotten.
  13. Yeah uh... can we do somethin' about this please; thanks ps: hi euxoa i miss you and ryzi
  14. Whilst this is a good option considering the population, the ping for a decent amount of NA players is simply too high to play EU. Yeah, NA is mostly Americans who complain about having to play EU at 120-250 ping, but for us Oceania players we've been doing that since the Joker/Colby merge as well as the Han shutdown. Then again given the numbers, there might not be a choice.
  15. I think we should fix the game by allowing mrepicgoat to balance all the weapons from here on out --- Jokes aside, people who are dethreat with ease aren't really top players to begin with. The process takes too long if your elo is at least moderately high, and most people who play at a higher skill don't want to play people who they can easily beat. Of course, there's plenty that do enjoy this, but that's an issue that exists outside of threat because there will always be toxic people who want to play purely to irritate and beat others at every level of play. Online gaming is frustrating regardless of your composure, but it's a good idea to start considering whether getting so heated up about things that are outside of your control is actually worth your energy, even if this isn't always an easy task.
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