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  1. Hello, is anyone else having a problem since the servers have gone offline ? it is saying that 'your account is in use from another client'.
  2. APB has always had cheaters, but ever since Matt Scott has announced the update he is planning to do along with the EAC system, it seems more of the population are cheating/hacking. APB can be such a great game, the customisation is fantastic along with making symbols, themes etc. Another thing is that matchmaking is absolutely disgraceful, you get R255 Gold's facing low rank bronzes and even Trainers. Its not fair on them, most of the players are cheaters which makes these new players quit and not want to play the game. They should bring back the threat system. If I am honest, even with this new EAC system, I doubt it will work, it won't do much. There will always be people that will bypass the system. Finally, in this moment in time I would say APB is shit and needs a lot of work. (3/10) I would rate the game right now. I just hope something can be done to the game to get it to how it was a few years ago. Thank you.
  3. It has taken me 30 minutes to enter APB Reloaded. I had to wait for the yellow bar to fill up/update which took 30 minutes. Absolute joke.
  4. Dirty2k20

    APB not launching.

    APB is stuck on the open menu, it says 'updating' but nothing is happening, I've tried to repair it but wont let me click it. I have also uninstalled the game and reinstalled it but nothing at all.
  5. Dirty2k20

    not update

    My game is doing the exact same thing
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