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  1. Same here. The launcher doesn't seem to be working on first launch, after installation. It's stuck on downloading some files with no progression then errors out because of request timeouts probably.
  2. Even though I always wanted to get my hands on the clean Void in-game name, it's not fair at all to just wipe names, even if you give warnings beforehand. Server merges aside, I don't believe the company should ever go as far as modifying user data. Unique identifiers like Discord's are mostly implemented for very large user bases and, besides that, the games has monetized on name changing since forever and some people had spent really serious money on that.
  3. A good idea but then we'd have too many colors. Red names might be paired, for instance, with blue rank icons from enforcers.
  4. I'd personally trust any of them to iron my underwear
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