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  1. This is the onlyĀ old school game who has the most population on the planet.

    Everyone who cry aboutĀ the game, are still playing it over years andĀ they not gona uninstall it.

    Cheaters who got 9999999+ accounts banned are still playing it.

    Forum Trolls, Toxic players and players who just get farmed like pokemonsĀ are still playing it.

    Matt Scott who gives a shit about the game and waiting every day only for his money is still silent and not gona give up.



    -And the End-


    -> We all fine, no problems hereĀ šŸ¤”

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  2. 5 hours ago, OmikronOverload said:

    fuck this silence, lets make our own game. Im currently working on one in unity engine 4.27. You can join me on my journey, it will be fun. Yesterday i invested 10 Hours in learning Unity Netcode. We will run dedicated servers and synchronize the whole gameplay from the server. I learned how to model cars in Blender with blueprints and am currently planning the whole netcode and map/gameplay, how to program a Need For Speed like tuning System ,turning apbĀ“s concept upside down and checking for weakspots in gameplay. I want to re-"create" apb in First Person, we will tackle a lot of problems and ideas on the way.


    You will fail.

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