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  1. The gun games are nice but feel like they should last little longer than 30 mins.
  2. Haven't had this issue since i started using toggle ADS.
  3. I am also having the disconnect issue and contacted support about it. I would suggest you do the same so they know more people are having this issue.
  4. APB has definitely been more pleasant experience after you switched back to BE. I would like to see similiar update after engine upgrade is out.
  5. Does not work as its set to "live" already. Simply deleting files from APB\APBGame\Config and running launcher again should reset the issue if you have clicked "automatically login with steam".
  6. Biggest news in while! Thanks to the whole team for all the hard work you've done and will continue to do for us. I'm super excited!
  7. This. Also some people don't seem to understand what is the purpose of beta, its not meant for regular gameplay what you do in live. The purpose of beta is to find many bugs as possible before it goes to live. Edit: By regular gameplay i mean expecting the game to work without issues.
  8. Launch it, im sure more issues will pop up once larger playerbase tests it.
  9. Just simply visit armas page and it will be instantly activated on your account.
  10. Unreal Engine 5 will not be available to developers until late 2021.
  11. If i remember correctly, it had issues like not giving rewards properly and sometimes it wouldn't track kills at all. Why not just modify the daily contact activities and add more rewards to fight clubs?
  12. While i agree that disabling eac's file-checking isn't a good thing, there isn't a way to magically enable cheats in the config files. People do this to get better fps ingame or you can make the game look better on max graphics. Some overlay programs like Overwolf and PlayClaw which you can use to get custom crosshair are whitelisted by EAC. https://www.easy.ac/en-us/support/tcgrw/guides/whitelist/
  13. We definitely need more of these! Is there any rewards just wondering?
  14. Increasing jg's fire rate sounds like a bad idea like isn't it too fast already..
  15. Mystical

    out of memory ....

    APB is 32-bit and RTX cards aren't compatible with 32-bit systems/programs. This was also stated by Matt on Q&A with Kempington. "I'm well aware, unfortunately, of the memory issues. The RTX issue in live is kind of complicated because the live game is 32-bit and Nvidia's drivers for the RTX cards it's just ... The driver is part of the problem, it's not that backwards compatible and then there's problems on our end because the engine is so old. From what I can tell the RTX cards work beautifully in the new engine. We haven't had any reports of Out of Memory issues or crashes or anything like that. In general there are a number of situations players find themselves in where they do get an Out of Memory error or crash in the current engine that won't happen. That's exclusively because of the jump to 64-bit addressing memory and things like that. - Matt Scott"
  16. Mystical


    I think its about the time to give us an update on this. Citadel has never been this bad as it is now.
  17. I agree but its about to be 1 year since the ARG and Matt posted around august that they will fix the skin.
  18. Thank you! I still feel like you should lower the fire rate of both ntec and shotguns, plus the ogre feels pretty op compared to normal nfas.
  19. Its been over 6 months since this post. Haven't they still fixed the skin? @MattScott @Sakebee
  20. It looks like they haven't done much UI work yet.
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