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  1. I'm having a similar issue with the Red pumpkins, I'm sat at 48/50 (Exterminator - 50%). Leaving me 2 away from completion, I think it's because I destroyed 2 before the hotfix and they haven't respawned. Both districts say "Nearest Red Pumpkin is at Nowhere."
  2. Yeah, no standing (didn't think to check $) for 4 - 5 matches. Just frustrated me, thought I'd get something even if just a small amount for taking part. Hopefully better luck next time.
  3. Explains the obsession of hide and seek then. I'll log back in later and just try to survive rather than "doing objectives" or whatever. Thanks all.
  4. I've been trying the mode again, at standing level 2. Got it a couple matches into tonight's attempt. As far as I can tell though, every match since then has given no standing. Kills = 0 Access codes and Devices = 0 Completing games = 0 Is it just a weird bug or am I missing something important? (Just to clarify, I mean the contact)
  5. Doing different tiers of rewards is probably going to upset some people regardless of what the rewards are. I'm just hoping there's not too big a difference in how awesome they are. I know I'm Tier 3 as I found out about it after it was solved, so not complaining about that.
  6. Zolerox, there seems to be a new (to me at least) title and an old event title available from what you've posted. "Single" and "Forever Alone", if that's true I better start playing more. Thanks for the replies.
  7. Title says it all, I've read the few posts that I could find and as far as I can tell the only new thing is the Cupid Hunt which sounds cool but offers nothing of interest to me. So wondering if making sure I do the in game daily matches is worth worrying over or if I'll be "getting" titles and stuff I already own from previous years.
  8. It says very clearly in the part you copied that bundle prices have been changed to reflect the price changes with some seeing an INCREASE. I personally read that as a warning that bundles with a ton of stuff in them are more likely to cost more now than before.
  9. One small issue with this is knowing if someone was following the suggestion to let others win or trying to win multiple times and just not managing it. I'm rather cynical I know.
  10. Does this mean we need to be online at specific times to be able to participate?
  11. The Star is fine as it is, against N-Tec users it fairs decently unless I let them sit at a longer ranges. Which is my fault rather than the Star needing a buff.
  12. Doesn't advanced launcher already allow you to mess around with the fog?
  13. Matt Scott said on the stream that allowing things like this can lead to a "slippery slope". I may be mistaken but I think he said that he can't confirm if battle eye would pick up on players using the advanced launcher. I'd personally love to see these settings added to the game, especially the audio ones, but we will likely have to wait for the engine update to be completed. In between both patches you may just want to take a break from the game so as not to risk your account getting banned for advanced launcher.
  14. I'm not fond of the idea of adding an Akimbo mechanic to the game, it would be a lot of work, but most importantly as a player the balancing issues could be a problem. If the mechanics not balanced just right everyone will complain Akimbo is broken, if it's too weak they'll say it is crap and pointless. It will also possibly have a knock-on effect to individual pistols being adjusted around it, making them less viable as secondary weapons. However, I think having a primary slot with a new "weapon" that was dual pistols could be cool. New pistols that look different to any of the current ones and can be adjusted purely by itself. Essentially a semi-auto SMG or a carbine, it could then have it's stats adjusted without affecting any other weapon. This would also allow for a user to equip an RSA or whatever people use as a long range pistol if they wish.
  15. LO made a post stating that the rules (for PC) wont' be changing so we will still be seeing "nude" symbols everywhere. I'm using quotations due to the fact that genitals are NOT allowed. (Which I agree with if you need to know). How would a On/Off feature for character "nudity" work with the symbols? I doubt everyone making symbols would be bothered to mark them as inappropriate so that the filter would include them. As much as I hate the idea of people being topless in game, it would at least look a lot better than the adhesive bra rubbish we have going on.
  16. Umm? You only add the missing bullets from your ammo pool to the "magazine" already. Don't really like the idea of rank 3 mods getting a bigger increase, compared to the jump from a Rank 1 mod to Rank 2. Could kill any real merit to using lower rank mods. I also don't think it's something the game currently needs.
  17. It used to be a 15+ for drugs, violence and such. Which I believe is now a 17+ rating where I live. If they allow nudity to be in the game then it would be an 18+ rating. Which in all fairness isn't going to make a difference to target audience by 1 year, especially when it's a F2P game that anyone can install. Now, defining nudity in this game seems to be your main concern, originally pictures of genitals were not allowed and I agree it's not clear if this is all they mean by "nudity". If the rules haven't really changed in this regard and they are just going to start deleting pictures with genitals then I see no real issue. If they are also banning nipples and stuff, well in all honesty I couldn't care. Though I understand that for some people this is weirdly a huge issue despite the games current rating.
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