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  1. Lumshedens

    Make the Contact Nanos Tradable

    this. at least one of them
  2. no please dont make this a thing
  3. You are now able to shoot your own car when leaning out of the window. oh and the song name is Joseph Jacobs - Moving Day
  4. Lumshedens

    So this is a thing now

    We need to be friends, because I love emancipator<3 sure bud
  5. Lumshedens

    So this is a thing now

    @BXNNXD @gamergoggles If you're into stuff like that then you should totally check out Nujabes, Uyama Hiroto, Emancipator, Kenichiro Nishihara, Nomak, Joseph Jacobs, jinsang, saib, etc. There's just too many good producers to mention them all Here's a personal favorite of mine:
  6. sure thing man of course Updated the post. I do take exclusive requests on Jericho too as long as the payment is on Citadel ^w^
  7. Lumshedens

    So this is a thing now

    Probably has to do with the fire hydrant fix.
  8. Lumshedens

    So this is a thing now

    mr käfer - Cosmic Harmonies
  9. yep EDIT: Seems to be happening when there's a railing between you and the building you are trying to shoot through.
  10. Sup bros I'm in dire need of APB$ so please buy my themes. These are just a fraction of what I have so I'll probably update this thread every now and then. The ones listed all go for anywhere between 450k - 1.5mil. Exclusives/custom themes are expensive, let's just put it at that. I'm available to do requests on Jericho too but I only accept payment on Citadel. Message me on Discord if you are interested. Lumsheden#0001
  11. A suggestion would be to make the Daily Activity Nanos tradable, at least within your own account. It's really frustrating having 3 nanos on the same character, 2 of which are the same variant. Thoughts?