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  1. All of the top 3 outfits definitely look like they have been made with premium.
  2. Lumshedens

    Why hasnt G1C been changed to LO1C yet?

    matt bro are u ok your posts have been weird lately blink twice in your next post if u have been kidnapped
  3. Lumshedens

    So this is a thing now (Part 3)

    no bro i dont think u understand i have powers.... its definitely a bug.... X_X
  4. Hello Lidl Orbit Team, I have discovered a crazy new bug with your new event gamemode O_O As an Enforcer you are unable to interact with "Treat" in Waterfront. (Which is supposed to be the Enforcer halloween contact). It just gives you the error message "Treat is of the opposing Faction). The contact also seems to be using a christmas icon. As an Enforcer you are still able to interact with the Criminal contact but still. This should be fixed. Here are some screenshots: Same thing happens on Criminal:
  5. very cool but who in their right mind would buy a 'Hotfoot' for 2.4k G1C?
  6. This may be true but when you are in the mindset of just trying to blatantly cheat, 10 days of premium isn't going to change anything.
  7. bro a 3 slotted ntec or not it doesnt matter when you are aimbotting everyone down
  8. Lumshedens

    Matchmaking and Threat

    there, fixed it for you
  9. Lumshedens

    Halloween event?

    what do you mean? im playing it right now its sick
  10. This. Although it doesn't always apply to everyone. There's a certain bulgarian multi-banned twitch streamer who streams APB on the daily who hackusates everyone who is better than him. Worst part is that people take his word for it.
  11. Lumshedens

    Community Discussion Topics

    I think the cheating problem should be addressed first. Seeing Barry Allen, the fastest man alive running around in Waterfront botting everyone down with his JG for months really doesn't set a good example.
  12. Yes. I checked them back in like 2014-2015.
  13. Last time I checked they were like 5€ on sites like Kinguin and G2A. For a while it was cheaper for me to buy retail codes to get G1C (and premium on top of that) than to buy it from the official site. Gamersfirst probably lost heaps of money from it.