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  1. Lumshedens

    Kempington Incoporated presents: The Weekly Theme Scene

    I honestly feel as if hosting strawpolls isn't the right way to do this. It's way too easy to bot them to make someone win. You should just choose whichever one YOU like the most imo.
  2. Lumshedens

    Can we Have a New Start up Pic?

    Aniki PepeHands I support this.
  3. yes i second this we need animu skins
  4. buying a 2 slot ntec every 10 days isn't too expensive, it's basically like having the gun permanently on that character alone
  5. Just to clarify - does this mean we'll be able to take advantage of both the 50% off sale and the 20% extra G1C on Monday the 9th?
  6. Lumshedens

    Joker Outfit Not recieved

    maybe u bought female version
  7. Lumshedens

    Unable to log in

    ok i got in case closed
  8. Lumshedens

    Unable to log in

    I'm trying to log in but I'm stuck on "Contacting World Server". help
  9. They did say they were going to release a minor content update somewhere between now and the engine upgrade.
  10. Lumshedens

    Current ARMAS Prices

    with that logic a $50 weapon would cost $2,113,752.11 in Iran.
  11. Lumshedens

    Theme Showcase

    way too much lowpass on some of these
  12. Lumshedens

    JAQL's slop shop.

    Yes. Just... yes.