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  1. Players that think like you are one of the reasons as to why the population is declining.
  2. Amberwind

    Guide: How to win missions

    I'd take a cheating SPCT over a braindead chimp any day of the week.
  3. Amberwind

    Guide: How to win missions

    I am not taking advice from someone straight out of the bronze district and I sure as hell hope Little Orbit doesn't either. If you think it is as simple as "pressing S" then you must be physically missing vital parts of your brain. PS: no offense btw
  4. Amberwind

    Guide: How to win missions

    This is what scares me. The fact that the devs might listen to people like you.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^this It is impossible to do bad with the NFAS unless you are physically missing half of your brain. The OCA may have a faster TTK but it won't matter unless you manage to hit all 8 bullets in a row every single fight. The NFAS only requires you to hold your crosshair somewhere close to your enemy while holding MB1 in order to kill them. I bet you I could put my dog on the keys and he'll still do good with it.
  6. Amberwind

    Guide: How to win missions

    Buy an NFAS and a Joker RFP from a contact. When you have reached Pointman Rank 5 using the NFAS, buy the 1 slot version of the NFAS and put an Improved Rifling 3 in the mod slot. You're good to go.
  7. Amberwind

    Marksman Sensitivity

    just put the markskman modifier at 1?
  8. This statement alone just proves that you don't know what you are talking about.
  9. The whole point of my title was to make fun of the fact that they have been focusing on making events that somehow manage to break some of the core gameplay mechanics of the game rather than focusing on trying to fix the game. Two examples of the game breaking due to these event updates are; 1. The "Destroy" objective on shopfronts in certain missions now require you to ram them with a car, or else the mission won't progress. 2. The HUD markers (teammates, spotter, enemy makers in DM) disappear randomly for certain people, and a restart of the game is required to fix it.
  10. IR has always been allowed on shotguns but it has never affected them as much as it is right now. The NFAS is busted and anyone who denies it is nothing more than someone from the bronze district or a gold plated, delusional silver.
  11. Amberwind

    Waterfront Contacts

    The issue is not the framerate. The issue is that the spawns are so busted that you spawn <100m from whoever you are fighting, and more or less end up dead upon spawn unless you have cover, which you don't have a lot of in waterfront anyway. The map is literally designed for people to abuse the N-HVR.
  12. yep. definitely going to try learning a thing or two from DannyCool235 when he mints me down at 20m when i am halfway behind cover thanks for the input dude ill try it out
  13. Hello, Whoever decided it was a good idea to allow Improved Rifling on shotguns should get dropped from the company. The NFAS is so incredibly broken right now that missions where an opponent has one are almost unplayable. And that's not even mentioning the RFP, Low Yields or the Spotter modification. These are all busted as fuck and something needs to happen as soon as possible. You should be focusing on balancing the weapons/modifications rather than spending time making dogshit events that people play for 2 days before going back to doing regular missions. Please do something. Thank you.
  14. 260 people in a little over 2 weeks? That's very impressive. Really looking forward to seeing the final thing!