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  1. nice but what is the new premium benefit?
  2. nothing like having a smaller field of view than the people who play on 16:9
  3. There are a lot of 2nd worlders eastern-europeans running rampant in the game right now, some going as far as to stream using cheats. Having some of these peabrain NA players comment on the forum topics that "the game is fine there are no cheaters" doesn't exactly help the cause.
  4. I am guessing you are playing on NA? Or EU bronze district? The game literally feels like pre-BE again. The cheaters may be at an all time low like you are saying but according to steamcharts, so is the number of players. Really makes you wonder why...
  5. Trying to log into the game to be able to get the valentines skin for my 2nd character but the login servers are down. Please make the skin account bound instead of character bound so that I don't have to deal with this game any longer. Thank you.
  6. Friend of mine got falsely banned for it and contacted Tiggs. Tiggs told him he could pay back for the price of the boxes that he "farmed". In his case it was something like $400.
  7. Afaik you could pay to get your account unbanned.
  8. nah but if you would look at the other video i posted you would realize the capabilities of a pmg on range
  9. this is why we need playtime or threat segregations on the forums just so that they dont listen to people like u ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ There is no point in using any shotgun ever unless it has an improved rifling on it. There is literally no downside to it.
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