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  1. The shadows look too bright and washed out. Hope this is something you are working on.
  2. Any comment on the fact that Citadel servers are jumping up to 34/35ms every few seconds causing stutters? Your game is literally unplayable.
  3. ^^^^^^ Make RIOT into the "Summer Survival Event" we were promised back in May of 2017. We don't typically have any events over the summer so this could be something.
  4. Yep. They add something to the game with the current engine and 10 other problems pop up. Most recent example would be that the Obeya FBW doesn't count towards the gunslinger role (Probably because it's the starter weapon in RIOT). They don't listen to the community at all and seem to have their own vision of what is best for the game instead of making a simple poll asking us what we want, and then using that information to make an educated decision. It's sad, really.
  5. As much as I hate to say it I was actually pleasantly suprised by the gamemode. It's far from perfect but despite all of the issues, I have still enjoyed playing it. 1. Fixing the spawns Sometimes you die next to your teammates, but then spawn on the other side of the district in the gas without enough hazmat suits to make it out alive. This is really frustrating and is probably why so many people dislike the gamemode. 2. Fixing the crashes/disconnects My friends and I have noticed that the game sometimes crashes or disconnects randomly upon entering a RIOT district. 3. Adding more rewards This would really give an incentive for people to play the gamemode. It feels like reaching lvl 5 just to get 1 weapon skin is way too much. Would be nice if you guys could add more rewards to the contact (at least 1 per level). I know this is just a beta test but still. 4. Make some of the roofs inaccessible The City Hall and the Church are two spots that seem to be incredibly overpowered. There is only 1 way up and it's incredibly easy to defend. Since there aren't any grenades in the gamemode (for good reason) it's really hard to take over those two spots. My solution would just to make them inaccessible. 5. Make the rewards account bound I'm not sure if this would even be possible but it would be nice to have the progress towards the contact be account bound. Some of us are sitting on multiple characters and would like to have the items available on all of them. 6. Hazmat suit cooldown I feel like having a 1min cooldown on the hazmat suit is a bit too much. IMO you should remove the cooldown (or reduce it to like 15s), but limit the amount of hazmat suits you can have to 2 (also reduce the spawn rate). This would reward the player for being smart with the usage of their hazmat suits. Side note: Please make it so that you aren't forced to use your hazmat suit instantly upon spawning in the gas. Just give the player 1 hazmat suit to use whenever they would like. מזל טוב
  6. werent they teasing a car called "mirage" or something back when they released the growl?
  7. ฮ่าฮ่างี่เง่าฉันหวังเป็นอย่างยิ่งว่าพวกเขาจะไม่ทำตามคำแนะนำของคุณ ...
  8. תודה רבה על התרומה שלך לפוסט שלי.
  9. hello lidl orbit i like your gamemode but why does it spawn me 800m away from my teammates and 800m away from the nearest safe zone?
  10. Can't wait for the FPS and hitreg problems to be even more prevalent in FC
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