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  1. Thanks for the response .


    1) I agree for the Nhvr. Nfas just need a little more range.


    2) I disagree, the 45ap is accurate and can shot very fast, and if you add all the players with strange resolution with absolutly no recoil, the feeling is like a fbw.


    3) I think SMG are pretty good balanced, except for the new whisper range.


    4) Agree too, lot of weapon can't handle a n-tec and are unplayed cause of that.



  2. Hey,

    Well, I'm here to share my opinion on some weapons and especially the oscar. 

    Some weapons are unbalanced and still untouched at this time and other are pretty bad and totally forgotten. (Based from my own experience)


    NERF :


    N-hvr 243 (SCOUT) : With the big nerf of the N-hvr 762, the scout is now the only used sniper in the game with the DMR, I feel like it should be nerf on the range to allow a comeback of the 762
    Dropoff Range : 90m to 70m


    45AP : The 45AP is a second primary weapon, way too strong.
    Fire rate : 0.2 to 0.22
    Dropoff RAnge : 40m to 30m

    BUFF :


    Cobr-a : No one play this weapon, I personnaly like it, it ghost a lot but still fun to play
    Fire interval : 0.170 to 0.160, (ttk of 0.800 istead of 0.850)
    Ammo capacity : 100 to 140


    H-9 Curse : between an OCA and a Condor but still weak in general.
    Dropoff Range : from 30m to 35m or 40m
    Fire interval : from 0.085 to 0.080 (ttk of 0.72 instead of 0.765)

    SR15 : The last nerf is unjustified and is now a ghost shot machine. I love this weapon so I'm maybe not 100 % objectif but this weapon is now unplayable especially against a Nhvr-whisper or oscar... 
    Per shot modifier : 0.23 to 0.19

    REWORK :


    Oscar :
    The problem with (for me) this weapon is the versatility, it's strong on all ranges.

    Actually, it need 7 shots to kill at 35m and 8 shots at 50m so both range = 4 burst and all this with a perfect accuracy.

    The weapon need to be adjusted on that, it is strong on close or it is strong on long range, but not both.

    At this point you can easily counter a shotgun, an oca in close due to the corner shots hability and in same time an ntec or cr762 at 50m it's ridiculous.

    I have imagined multiple things to adjust this weapon and the best thing to do is delet it from the game (It's not a joke...)

    More seriously, for me it should be the close range obir and be adjusted to works in close range. so here the stats :

    Health damage               : 145 to 130
    Shots to kill                     : 7 to 8 (still 4 burst)
    Time to kill                      : still 0.825
    Dropoff range                 : 35m to 30m
    Accuracy Radius at 10m  : 14 to 30
    Marksman modifier         : still 0.98
    jump modifier                 : 4.6 to 10

    Of course I have nothing to verify thoses stats in game and are based on my own knowledges of the stats system.
    Maybe I'm the only one thinking that, tell me your opinion, let me know bellow ⬇️

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