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  1. if you can go to armas page select a character on the armas page, there is a chance that you can log into the game. For me I cant even get armas to load properly and even select a character, hope that helps
  2. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/patch-notes based on this its showing pc servers are offline so gud 4 u
  3. I live in New York and cannot pass the error 9 lol https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/patch-notes
  4. Hypothesis


    I wish I was. You can hide cheats while streaming and unless it obvious LO wont move a muscle. Then again LO unbanned you, so I respect the loyalty. So far LO approach to cheaters can be explained in the gif below.
  5. Hypothesis


    LO needs cheaters. The game is dead. They want the cheaters to stream thinking that will bring the population up. So you are right they do not ban cheaters who can hide the cheats while streaming.
  6. all you have to do is challenge their egos and lure them into financial
  7. postponed is another word for "we dont have it but we give you a false hope it will happen soon" and truth is none of the postponed crap is happening. ALL THEY DID SIGNIFICANTLY WAS FIX ARMAS AND ENCOURAGE CHEATERS TO STREAM APB WITH THEIR CHEATS.
  8. Nothing significant to the game is gonna happen is the actual truth. This game is dead and LO is just baiting for last chance revenue to call it quits. Just stop being a sheep of their lies and admit the truth. Every plan that will significantly change the game has been postponed or in other words a fabricated lie.
  9. They are trying to be the better version of false hope givers than G1.
  10. even though the game is dead , cheaters still get defended and that is apb reloaded.
  11. Just stop. What makes you think they will get any significant revenue from further delaying the EU ? It is at the stage that they are doing a major merge of Jericho and Citadel due to low population. Stop puking false hope, nothing is significantly done than glorify armas. UE version 4 is gonna be outdated soon and we are struggling to get the 3.5 update lmao . I did rather burn money than buy armas on a dead game with developers who makes false promises and supports cheaters who stream with cheats. change this game name to False Hope Reloaded
  12. Better not change my character name and add some random numbers to it ( name is not in Cyrillic) , when the merge happens. But looking forward for the inevitable merge.
  13. I didn't ignore nor I agree what you said there. Engine upgrade doesn't mean the game is complete , but it was very crucial to be priority number 1 rather than the new contents that should have followed it. New players wont stay because of try hards in low threat districts farming on the newbies and the broken threat system at this stage. also the last sentence is what I consider poor management 101. Anyways this will be my last reply here for this. take care.
  14. I can be sure at this point this EU is not gonna bring the pop up. This is EU was long due , but it was not LO's fault. And delaying it further will cause disappointment if there is going to be major flaws. If you mean , you manage well to bring failure then sure I do not manage to bring failure, that might be your expertise.
  15. wouldn't call it a profit but at least they can get what ever they are investing .
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