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  1. Spherii

    Should the fart emote be louder?

    Truly the most important changes are being prioritized here in general discussion.
  2. That's because waterfront usually is a "defenders wins the round" map. Now that may sound common in Financial too, but Waterfront takes it to the next level where points can be seen the moment you respawn. That's not all either, usually the points you have to attack are horrible camp spots, and that with the HVR/Ntec meta going strong right now it's a pretty hellish map. Clearly not everyone's cup of tea, nor is it mine.
  3. Spherii

    APB = Pay2Win

    Alright I need opinions from the people that find true ogre OP or alternatively P2W. What in the heavens is OP about an NFAS that has a wind-up time exactly? This gun really excels only in surprise-attacks or corner popping, but that can be done with any gun. The regular NFAS is better than the ogre in my opinion.
  4. Spherii

    Seems fair.

    Going in solo in Financial or Waterfront is handicapping yourself when you could play in teams. If you yourself are a capable person and add people who are decent too you'll have friends all around the globe and should never go in solo again. Playing with a clan is also a common thing to do. Just don't venture in solo, I do this from time to time and always regret it. The moment matchmaking only pairs solo players against solo players, that's the moment you can go solo, but for now you might get paired up with people who don't know you and probably don't communicate versus a team that might be on discord and whatnot.
  5. P2W/Broken are two complete different things, and I think we're still fine on the "p2w scale." As for actual broken things, I guess you could say Yukon technically is.
  6. Spherii

    Im out of things to buy on armas. Add more plz <3

    A maid outfit. Victorian maid, the typical cosplay maid outfit, pick your fancy. It's what APB didn't ask for, but what it needs. The males get a butler suit. There's just something special about maids/butlers being capable of shooting. Y'could argue it goes against the nature of Cops and Robbers, but I didn't see anyone complaining about the silly outfits they've already implemented.
  7. Spherii

    APB = Pay2Win

    It does not have the same accuraccy as an OCA, god knows what G1 did, but it's really inaccurate from time to time and I can't tell you anything more than to try it out yourself and see what I mean. As for pay2win, it's a term that gets thrown at everything, and the meaning of it changes with every game. As far as I'm concerned, pay2win means an advantage that can't be countered by a non-paying player. This is not the case for legendary weapons, and especially not for the cap40. There's many ways to counter the cap40. The regular OCA, or even better a two slotted OCA being one of them. Cooling jacket will give you a smaller TTK, statistically speaking. You can argue that you can use CJ on a CAP40 too, but believe me on this, you're gonna want RSIII if you want to actually kill people. Weapons are one thing, but if the person doesn't have a certain amount of skill, it doesn't matter how much legendaries they have. See high ranked silver players that own an array of legendaries/Armas guns. They have the best weapons (best being subjective here) yet they're still just silver. Luckily you can't buy aim-assists on Armas, that's what I would consider pay2win. This is just my opinion of Pay2Win, and under these terms I find APB not Pay2Win, it's a freemium business that gives you advantages, but nothing that would allow a non-paying player to lose from a paying player.
  8. Spherii

    APB = Pay2Win

    Last time I checked I saw 'em for 1.2M~ on the marketplace. And honestly the cap40 isn't even that good, it's accuraccy is a joke and unless you're standing in someone's face you're gonna miss a whole lot of bullets, even when aiming correctly. As for being able to shoot through cover, the few crates/random stuff it can shoot through really is more of a gimmick than anything else. I'd rather have the damage to vehicles cause this thing surprisingly doesn't do much to vehicles at all. I understand the point you're making though, but this gun is hardly pay2win as you can buy it off the auctionhouse, and a user who can shoot decently with an OCA outclasses this weapon by far. As mentioned before, you could argue it's an advantage, but it's not a 100% win once you have this gun. Hence it's not pay2win.
  9. I can understand the point of having multiple in-game accounts as I own a few myself, but what's the point of having multiple forum accounts? Just curiosity, as I don't see the point of having more than one. It doesn't impact the game, and your opinion should always be the same regardless of what account you're replying with.
  10. Spherii

    Old symbol ownership

    If you created those symbols yourself, you can duplicate/edit them, if they're not you can't. That's the simple rule. If you're implying you were the creator of them, but lost the credentials for the account that created them, you should be able to make 'em again. I'd rather not see people duplicate other peoples' work, regardless if they're gone or not.
  11. Spherii

    APB = Pay2Win

    Not necessarily pay to win as guns don't always make you win. It's pay for advantages, and those advantages aren't always the winning factor. It's basically this^
  12. Isn't this more of an issue with the oscar itself? The Joker carbine scroll-wheeling is way less efficient than it is with the oscar.
  13. Citadel's having issue's too. Unless BattlEye is kicking me for being too good. And I'm trash.
  14. Valzipram Tablets makes you really slippery, when a car comes at you at a decent speed, you'll probably be pushed to the side and not die. People that use Valzipram Tablets don't die cause of vehicles, it's not as useful as it used to be, especially with these pesky remote detonator people who don't care if they run you over or not. They just want to press that one button to make their car go boom. I'm one of those pesky people, apologies in advance.
  15. Spherii

    This game has VOIP right?

    I found that just typing directions is the best you can do when communicating with teammates. Sometimes they don't understand though, and that creates confusion and sometimes possibly a death. A recent unfortunate event involved in me typing "SW", in where my teammate repeats the same word with a question mark behind it, leading to his death. Me trying to explain it eventually lead to my death as well. The conclusion is that communication is key to victory, but we have no decent way of doing so with randoms yet.