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  1. Spherii

    Random Armas sale

    Someone has to do the testing and sacrifice some money once gifting is back in the game. Although it definitely sounds like an oversight if anything.
  2. Woops,will edit in a bit. Don't think that's what needs to happen. They just need to adjust IR3 to 7m again but keep the fire rate deficit and we'll pretty much go to the way it was before the patch. N-TEC doesn't nearly have as much of a dominant position in the meta anymore as it use to before the balance pass. So we've managed to take two steps forward in a certain regard but in other places we may of went one step back and that's fine, I just feel the game is in a better position now. Misread the stats of the NTEC, the NTEC itself as fine as it is right now.
  3. Definitely a start. [Minor mistake in damage-ranges, woops.] The JG is a powerhouse, a proposed change is that they get reduced movement when firing. Alternatively, something like removing their capability of jump shooting effectively might be very nice too. This is more common wiith the CSG, though. I like to play shotgun too, and I'm pretty sure people aren't just playing shotgun because they changed it. It's also because it's too effective right now.
  4. It's 2m more than what it initially was guys. Two. Meters. The NTEC is more or less the same but with less close range capabilities.
  5. Oscar is far from dead, just take out rifling and maybe use a blue mod like Mag Pull. Then pair it with a Fang or Golden Act-44 to suplement the range. It's still gonna be great within it's range. Maybe dead is an overstatement, but I see no reason to pull it out without IR when there are good alternatives now. unless you're making use of the movement which allows you to dance around bullets. Atleast that's how it feels like to me
  6. True, ISSR-B was a very solid gun before patch and with HVR maybe seeing less play we might have more chanses to see in-game. ISSR-A has received a small buff and is also a solid option now, with NCR being a niche weapon for those who don't wanna play OBIR or FFA. You've got a lot of options, although the NTEC is still your to-go weapon if you're doubting anything. I mean HVR is still usefull, but the QSing aspect of it being removed might make people swap. Hopefully.
  7. Did a little bit of testing in Asylum and Financial where shotguns reign supreme. Don't put IR on your shotgun. If he's in your effective range you two shot with minimal effort. IR makes you lose trades against shotguns that don't run IR. The oscar is dead. The hidden monster at CQC with surprisingly good range became something that even macro's can't save it. CSG > JG in terms of range and versatility. Don't get the PR versions, personally the one with faster reload or country gent are probably the best CSG's. The JG has more stopping power at close range, but it's a two-shot so the CSG can do that just fine as well. The OCA now has a competitor at close range, and people might have to adapt to maybe a whisper and take them down from 15m and above. Or just use a shotgun, cause it's pretty strong. The NTEC became weaker at close range cause of IR if people run it, and has no chanse versus an OCA or Shotgun now. The reduced fire rate really shows in close range. All n all it's a very risky move to push the patch out this quick and I expect a lot of complaints on the forums about the new shotgun, but I'm not gonna lie. I'm excited for this new meta. EDIT: The Oblivion is gonna be a hidden monster. Hopefully.
  8. Ah good to see some tweaks to the crosshair of the NCR. Will post results again when it has been properly tested. On a side note, does the crosshair in the middle become red when a target is under it? Making the dot in the middle white is already helpful, but making it become red when someone's in your crosshair just helps visually. This also helps with friendly fire. (It becomes green when a friendly is in your crosshair)
  9. When you get killed by a brick or any equivalent, you got styled on. Atleast that's what I tell myself should I die by one.
  10. I still see purple mods as utility mods and the reason why they're so commonly used is because people usually cover all of their necessities with two mods. I don't think we need to nerf utility modifications. Instead of nerfing these utility mods it's time green weapon modifications make an appearance. That or make blue mods more appealing.
  11. Glad to see I'm not the only one that finds the current NCR Anubis different. The NCR is not alright as it currently is, please do not implement it like that for the few people that actually play the weapon. I'm not really fond of the new crosshair either, I feel like I miss way more shots with it than intended, but maybe adaptation will fix this issue. Suggestions for NCR: -The crosshair becomes red when an enemy is in your crosshair (Meaning if you shoot you'll hit him) -Less recoil between shots. (The Firerate increase doesn't help) As some mentioned before, the Showstopper Thunder feels like a secondary NFAS in its current state and could definitely use a firerate nerf,
  12. Spherii

    New Emotes !!!

    Don't have time to use an emote because the guy probably spawns in his car 30m ahead of me, dont mention ltl
  13. Spherii

    Let's talk: OTW Improved Rifling

    IR3 has been untouched for too long, I'm pretty sure it didn't need this much of a drastic change but we'll see. I'm all for meta shifts.
  14. I've been recording all of my gameplay so far and while I do sometimes feel like some players suddenly become better after being completely destroyed after one death, I've yet to record any blatant cheating. This leads to confusing situations, is it cherrypicking? Were they lucky? Experience as a veteran? Am I being paranoid? As name & shame is not allowed, I will not be dropping names, but I'm mainly talking about the really good people here. Those clans. Either way, getting my patootie beat is fine, but the skill distribution in APB is really not very clear when we're all the same threat. Gold.