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  1. Another perfect example of the community downvoting anythign and everything that isnt sucking off LO with praise of perfection / anything thats remotely bad towards apb / about actual issues that LO isnt addressing. I love it. Downvotes are just people agreeing lmao
  2. I asked for it to be closed because its not like anyone would even know why it was happening or how to go about making it stop/work properly AFTER have already emailing the bug to support WHILE also DMing MattScott about the issue. :^) IDK why youre even bringing that up in the first place on another post when you can just reply to the issues you have brought up on the original thread that is still open, just kinda seems like youre trying to talk shit lol
  3. This game is honestly not even fun to play anymore so you can just close this thread.
  4. Pretty much title, I saw a post saying it was broken and then fixed ( from MattScott ) but I havent been able to get it to work for the past week or so.
  5. I havent had APB open for roughly eightish hours now... What gives
  6. Can yall PLEASE fix the damn foregrip????? I dont know if yall have ever touched a gun IRL but that fore grip CANT work like that, not even the hand placement is correct ingame LOL. Oh. and the Iron Sights dont even align.... Whats up with that
  7. I love how the community downvotes every single bit of information thats actual worth while and not just about nerf hvr and buff every other gun till everythings OP. Were the reason this game is dead and will die lmao. Doesnt even matter how negative or positive OR even helpful / thoughtful an idea or opinion ism it just gets downvoted to oblivion. Thats why Ive stopped giving a single shit about this community and how people uphold me, I truly dont care what dumbasses think on this forum / community cause 90% of all of yall are the most toxic people Ive ever seen lmao. Trying to discuss things is like trying to convince someone that youre selling them gold in a box for 5$. But yeah, my little slice of advice is just make all the guns 3 slot, no more locked shit at this point cause its been what its been and now we are here where were at because of it. The tutorial is the most god awful confusing mess Ive ever seen thats not the slightest bit helpful, anyone who is starting this game has zero idea of what is actually going on or where anything is at or how anything works and taking that into consideration mixed with the shit matchmaking that puts no lifers against new players... Lmao, no wonder noone stays anymore. The premium cooldown thing was an absolute joke and Im glad its gone but the customization limit needs to go, its so stupid when APB is considered one of the most indepth customizable games when it comes to player and player items. I know that would render premium useless but damn at this point IDK what else would even entice people to stay. Make leveling shit ton easier while youre at it cause I dont think any sane person would grind for hundreds of hours to be able to use Rank 195 items. Right now, this game is extremely confusing, difficult, and looks super pay to win to be able to do anything to new players and I can honestly see why/how lol.
  8. EU at 2am on a Monday is still more populated than NA on a good Weekday afternoon xd
  9. What killed the game a combination of two things; The Community and the Company in Charge. The community for the several toxic tryhards that sweat on their keyboard every single mission exploiting every single bullshoot tactic and mechanic in the game against casual players mixed with a completely broken patootie shitty matchmaking system that allows these kinds of players to face even new people / bronzes. The company doing little to actually nothing at all to balance weapons / mechanics of weapons to things such as matchmaking and the total lack of... Well, anything really. Its so sad to see something as beautiful as APB just left to rot. This game couldve been huge but alas, its not. Its just an empty husk of shiny turd that we all keep playing for nostalgic sake, walking along with hopes that maybe one day it will be great again knowing it will never be that way. ( doesnt help that LO listens to the remaining small number of people left that play the game and that small number of people being bronzes with under 200 hours in the game thinking they know the insides and outs of APB lmao ) As a side note, something Ive noticed with all games lately, is that the age of gaming has completely changed too, games arent at all what they used to be and everyone has less and less free time. Everyone is so politically correct that, even as we have seen here, Little Orbit is trying to be so nice and correct to all the SJW Snowflakes that they kill off anyone who does anything remotely controversial, even if they have been here for years. Society as a whole is just a huge clusterfuck of everyone trying to be offended and its truly sad lmao
  10. Your first reply is completely moot because Ive posted pictures of the population at the same times of day on each server and will be adding more pictures at the same times of each days relative to both generalized locations of the servers. Your second reply is funny though because it shows that youre upset with me because your trash talk failed as Im actually doing something with my life other than no life apb for eClout. Either way though, I do value your opinion and you taking the time to reply to my thread
  11. Top is EU and Bottom is NA. Pictures of the pops at the same ish times. As you can see NA is deader than the Horse that G1 beat into Oblivion, at all times throughout the day. Ill be editing more later tonight at 7:03pm EDT just to prove my case more :^) Merged. This post I just made is for you Merged. Then explain my pics Merged. I dont work on Fridays because I bust my patootie Monday Through Thursday working graveyard shift for 48 hours Earn about 600 a week, its pretty great~ Merged. Here, I fixed the post just for you sweety
  12. Nah, I get it, Its not fun playing against the same 20 sweaty tryhards everyday and also because of the low pop there hasnt been any new content on the player marketplace for months and months on end.
  13. Thieves ( I posted at 3:53pm CST but because I was given a warning for no fucking reason from Mina lmao ) Also, dont be sad, youre a Goofy Goober! Get some ice cream! -pat
  14. Nah, I uber. 10k hours into this game and its the last achievement I need so Im tryin to grind it out
  15. Yeah, funnily enough I was just talking to one of the RoE Devs about this; The unachievable achievements of APB and how they should make sure to never repeat their mistakes xd Yeah lmao, he already TKs me ingame. Super annoying. Heres the route Im running that I took a pic of.
  16. You dont have to do that, you can just sit idle with the car in the dropoff area and once it registers able to be deposited itll just... deposit? If that makes sense lol
  17. I havent timed my route that I posted yet but its only 340M away and you dont have to spawn your player car. You just walk out from dropping one car and and grab a new one, some are super quick some arent. I guess Ill record it to see the times side by side. I do really appreciate the help and advice though! Thank you!
  18. So if you wanted to be all fancy, its going to take another three - five hours of turning in vehicles to only deliver 500 amounting to a mass total of 6 - 10 hours of turning in cars to get an achievement.
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