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  1. I wonder what will come first. I thoughtful post full of insight and an actual opinion from Zombie or the amount of edge cuts so deep that you bleed out xd also, get my name right fuzzy bunny. this isnt an apb is dead post. good try
  2. but Im not edgy, im fluffy and mismatched! he called me funny
  3. why is your picture and name so edgy? Dont cut yourself As with any sock post.
  4. IDk why I bother playing APB Just puts me in a shitty mood every time. the community has fallen lmao. Its no longer apb players that play the game its fucking downsyndrome patootie silvers and bronzes and LO changes the game to their needs. oh and shitty tryhards, cant forget those guys who cause everyone to quit the game, ontop of garbage matchmaking. I dont feel like wasting that much time on a community of shitters but yeah basically this.
  5. Im about to just go full autistic and just main the NFAS cause fuck it, why try if nothing beats the fucking thing. Its all people fuckign use anymore and its not enjoyable to play against. Like just now, was in a good mood, was playing a mission against a friend till this fucking idiot max rank with NFAS just corner camps the tight narrow objective spot and nothing can be done against him. True Ogre cant even compete against NFas lmao.
  6. I think its fucking stupid youre invincible till the moment you jump out but this will never be changed. Pussies who just drive around in a car and jump out ontop of you with smg or shotgun are really pathetic xd Espacio is actually pretty patootie tbh. Nitros doesnt even do anything for it because its so fat.
  7. ... what?? APB isnt enjoyable because NA has no fucking population at all and its literally just the same 20 sweaty virgin tryhards that sweat on their keyboards to get a victory royale in apb and maintain positive KD so their stepdad can pay the electricity bill. what points am I ignoring? Past and present? The only thing that has changed is the community got even fucking shittier and game is dead even more than it already was. Im not able to just play the game 24/7 now that Im out of school and out of classes and work at a mine lmao
  8. I dont want the game to die by any means but its not fucking enjoyable to play anymore.
  9. I read this and crashed... I created a char and logged into a district and now Im invisible xd
  10. Are you kidding me.... Im on the active countdown timer and I literally just watched it go up
  11. Nice 1420th post YooD Also, just to confirm, we can just use our reg accounts email and password to login normally on OTW right?
  12. I thought LO was trying to improve APB and make it better, without the stupid patootie OOB that literally noone fucking likes at all, and VERY APPARENTLY DIDNT DO SHIT FOR THE HALLOWEEN EVENTS, please remove the stupid system. Back when apb was actually good
  13. I cant login, why? I calculated the time wrong I think and the testing isnt active yet
  14. Can we remove the stupid patootie OOB system already and open San Paro back up to exploration? Literally never ran into people abusing OOB areas in missions except VASLORD that one time years ago lmao
  15. Its okay, not all of us have cheetoh dust clogged up in our mouses / mice and can move our non kankle sized wrists to properly aim at people and press the M1 button once to shoot a bullet. We normal people can play the game with non broken patootie overpowered fuzzy bunny weapons to get kills xd
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