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  1. Who is going to ram raid for 10 hours to level up basically nothing for a contact?
  2. Then why the fuck arent dethreaters getting banned? Tired of wasting my god damn time in missions with dumb-asses who are de-threating to also then waste my time editing videos and submitting them as reports to Support only to have nothing done :^)
  3. Battle royals arent new though. Im just saying if they try and cuck me and force me to buy more premium Im gonna flip shit; BattlePass is fine but not specialized premium or whatever the fuck it is theyre proposing. Also, on that note, its fucking shitty to have an automatic charging premium thing because its just capitalizing on some people forgetting about it even existing and spending money on LO they otherwise wouldnt have. ( which if youre a broke fuzzy bunny will just auto charge your negative bank account and fine you even more money when you dont have any to begin with )
  4. But my point is, I already fucking have 1700 days of premium and are going to buy the battle pass so why the fuck am I having to pay for additional god damn premium????????????????
  5. Agreed. Merged. I am the King of this area, dont taze me bro. Merged. Also agreed xd
  6. Jesus christ, how are yall getting so triggered over a post talking about how dead NA Servers are??? Like, its not even really a debate, its a fact post that NA Server are fucking dying and are pretty much dead at this point, nothing to really counter or argue lol. Just chillax my dudes, theres no need to get so heated over a post. Just go do something else and enjoy the rest of your day~ Also, anyone who reads this in the next couple of hours, Merry Easter guys~
  7. So Im gonna have to basically buy more fucking premium? Sorry, RIOT Premium?
  8. Yeah no kidding. All its been so far is re run stuff, this is LO's time to shine bright, not only that but its their prime time on the big stage so if they fuck this up then APB is pretty much done. Please for the love of God and all that is holy, DELAY RIOT IF THERES ANYTHING WRONG AT ALL. Look at Anthem; Just because you wanna release on its said date doesnt mean that youre going to want to in the end, its far too late for them to come back. They should have just waited and fixed the shit and then released because noones gonna bat an eye at something thats already failed miserably. TLDR; First Impressions are everything.
  9. What Im gathering is that you made a hack or cheat or something???? And someone talked shit ingame and you talked shit back and they reported you. I dont think LO tosses ban hammers around like G1 so if it was for language it would be a speech mute for a few days, as already has happened a few times, and you account wouldnt be banned so it would have to be from something else.
  10. NO! We dont talk about the high noon gun XD Merged. This is true in all honesty and I support this message. Merged. I never acted like a child / tried to cover up my mistake. It was very clear. No need to go keyboard and intellectual warrior on me ya nerd/
  11. yes. we all realized that was the joke. thank you for taking the time to point out the obvious that any simple minded simpleton could have and has realized already. thank you for your patronage.
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