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  1. Balanced :^))) The " balanced " shotgun update where they ran a shotgun sale for the longest time till people stopped buying them because they were so broken and then patched them back to normal.
  2. All these dumbasses got too used to the severely brokenly overpowered shotguns and not complain cause theyre back to being where they need to be
  3. a Pair of Socks

    Can be there new cars in game ?

    Hopefully they add a Dodge Magnum or personally Id love to have a 2006 Scion XB added to the game that would perform like a 4 seat Mikro.
  4. This post makes no god damn sense at all. You literally ALWAYS have a secondary at all times because you cant just get rid of it.
  5. a Pair of Socks

    Infinity connecting to district

    Had this issue too but then I took the sign and closed the game.
  6. a Pair of Socks

    anyone have FFA RnD 3 ?

    Who is the fucking gay boi who keeps disliking my comments? Imma eat your patootie once I find out.
  7. My name is Socks and I approve this Message. My name is Socks and I approve this Message.
  8. Or am I just dumb and need to do something to get it?
  9. 15 dollars for 1 account aint bad but come on, 85 bucks for 6 guns? - .-
  10. lmao exactly. shitty outdated video means absolutely nothing. Oh and while youre at it, updating your videos and all, make sure to showcase how it can fire faster and have perfect accuracy than what you were doing, the high patootie stamina damage, and dumbass amounts of hard damage. Also keep in mind the damage output per mag and the overall ammo pool :^)
  11. Dog Ear / Wisp is one of the most OP broken patootie ez mode weapons that classify as P2W. The only people who disagree are the ones who rely on its broken everything for kills.
  12. They dont give a single fuckin shit at all. Just listen to the majority of people who complain who have under 200 hours in the game and dont understand shit ammiright? lawl Company is a fucking joke when it comes to this shit. Quit being scared to tell someone theyre wrong and more importantly start playing the fucking game you own Little Orbit so you can see whats its actually like instead of living in fantasy lala land where you just assume shit works when it VERY clearly does not.