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  1. Thats all I wanted to say. I hope you all of you at LO have a good week this week~
  2. o shit, u rite, we in 2019 APB. People are literally shaking because they cant play bronze district as a max rank silver xd
  3. I got error 8 lmao Someone just posted in social " I keep getting disconnected and Im literally shaking right now! " lmao
  4. Yeah I just logged in fine a couple of hours ago ( like two ish ) but now I cant connect to the servers. Error Code 8. Edit: Just logged in but theres noone online. Sick.
  5. Well with the base RFP Nerf this now makes the Talon completely fucking useless. Amazing.
  6. ^^ FBW is a great weapon but Id like to use something else now.
  7. Limitations of the game, not my fault. your edge is cutting me go away I approve this message.
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