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  1. Looks like I was right :^) yup, because why waste my time on this garbage community
  2. TFW your ez carry guns are being nerfed so you have to actually move your wrist to get kills
  3. TFW your ez carry guns are being nerfed so you have to actually try.
  4. damn voips still broken? LMAO
  5. Cause max ranks car rushing with vegas car bomb and nfas is me just rushing them. Cause people hiding in corners with nfas is me rushing them. Cause people using nfas has 12 layers of grease in their mouse and cant use a real gun. lmao even got Skitty on my side, what else needs to be said. I dont give a single shit anymore about this community because Ive wasted enough of my time already putting together long patootie posts with thought put into it just for it to get downvoted to oblivion because I brought up a valid point with something broken that everyone is abusing for ez kills. Like honestly, Im at the point I cant care a single damn bit less about this community because most of them, or sadly whats left at this point, is just a bunch of toxic patootie people or people that have less than 500 hours in the game and act like they know a single god damn thing about APB.
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