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  1. My bad, forgot this is a sensitive safe place. Won't say anything to trigger anyone again, despite feeling triggered and insulted myself from another users words.
  2. My thing though is why is the contaminated area literally so bright that it hurts my damn eyes to look at the screen.
  3. Dont know what meth youre on but I want some. Good to know nothings changed other than the community getting worse.
  4. He was bronze for several, several, several months, far far longer than LO obtained APB and never changed a single thing that he did. He never teamkilled or sat away from objective, nothing. Meanwhile, I take video after video of people dethreating and glitching OOB with items and not a single fucking thing was done against those people. Im sorry Cookie, I respect you as a friend, but in this instance youre fucking wrong and you know it. Dont know if youre just sucking Little Orbits banana or not but its not cool.
  5. Ive fucking waited over six years I know fam, just wasting peoples time, including my own. like what??? copy paste content that other companies made and never released? ok I appreciate you my dude. Thank you Im always mad. My life sucks. agreed. quality comment Hey dude I dont appreciate you calling me out. please stop OMFG I ROFL"D REALLY HARD XDDD Thank you for this gem Merged. This'll be the 69th time. Merged. The forums are as much of a joke as the community. Thats why Ive effectively stopped putting a single fuck into both the game and the forums. As an old friend of mine said before being falsely banned for dethreating; Ill play the game as it is, a joke.
  6. Confirmed Dead Game? Confirmed Typical Sock Threat v2308746? Nah but in all seriousness, come on Little Orbit, do you actually fucking give a shit at all or nah? Dont seem like it famerino's and therefore I aint even gonna bother to log in nor support the company. Once yall consider closing the servers down for good let me know so we can discuss pricing to keep the servers up ( cause yall aint fucking making money at this point and we all know that lmao xd roflcopter ) Dont let APB Reloaded Die, Please.
  7. I wonder what will come first. I thoughtful post full of insight and an actual opinion from Zombie or the amount of edge cuts so deep that you bleed out xd also, get my name right fuzzy bunny. this isnt an apb is dead post. good try
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