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  1. For me I just dont even bother giving the forums the time of day anymore because one of two things happens when you make a massive well thought out post / go out of your way to help the new players / give ideas and thoughts for this game; Nothing happens or Nothings happens and you get shit on cause lol xd its fun. I hate being negative about everything but I really dont see a future for APB anymore.. I dont know whats really changed ( cause tbh nothing really has for years now lmao ) other than I no longer enjoy the game / have nothing left to enjoy about the game. All my friends have quit and the only people left I see are extremely toxic and/or near "shroud level" of skill and you just que up to be points for other players
  2. Damn bro you got more than one lobby open? When was this???? Meanwhile, EU has 6 full districts right now LMAO
  3. I personally love the FBW but it looks like shit and has no reskins for whatever god damn reason so the .45 wins it cause its a 1911, even though FBW is more reliable cause Im a trash player :^)
  4. Im not gonna blindly throw money at something I have zero information on other than a picture lmao. Like how hard is it to record a short video/clip of the gun you've literally developed and are now charging people Lottery Ticket drawn chances to get xd
  5. Needin to know what I need to upgrade first for my PC; Ive done some testing on my PC and on RoE my CPU is only clockin 30% while my GPU is screaming at 100% the entire time, sometimes dropping to 90% but otherwise its just constantly at 100%. Even on something as simple as Fortnite its the same story. ( APB never dips below 100 so its not a concern for this but yeah~ ) Im wanting to make sure the next 800 dollars Im going to be putting into my PC is somethign thats going to be beneficial and not just a 20fps boost on the next level of Textures etc. Anywhoozle; my specs MSI Z170 Krait Gaming Mobo; i5 6.6k 3.5ghz, 16gb ddr4, GTX 980. Any and all advice is much appreciated! Thank yall for you time and have a blessed rest of your day~
  6. Why is it when I post the most asinine comments they get upvoted BUT the moment I post anything relative to helping save the game from dying / pointing out the fucking obvious it gets downvoted xd
  7. ofc~ As is the way of a true APB Player! :^) ah yes, this fact was in the title! Jokes on you, Imma make a post tomorrow if they dont fix the steam achievement problems and then everyday that it isnt fixed. :)
  8. Funfact; Watermelons taste better when salt is added. Well since my socks take up 30% of my customization and Ive been wearing pants more often than not nowadays ingame, Id say like 69-80% of the time. Yeah same. I feel like Im worse at video games in general now then back in the day. But yeah, thats alot of kills! I play on 13 different characters though x =x 13 characters. Dont know why youre being such a butt rn >:Y You know it; Just like all APB Professionals :^)
  9. Indeed it was, very very very boring and took soo much damn time out of my life for this but hey, at the end of the day Im happy with finally getting 100% on this~ I dont much enjoy the game anymore but atleast now when it dies I can send it off knowing I gave it 100% and have all the great memories from this game!
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