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  1. Already tried taking a few months break from APB and it worked for a little while but here we are again; Not having any reason to even bother logging in cause its just the same old shit. I cant tell if its just video games in general or perhaps its me but Ive lost pretty much all passion for this game and almost everything else I play and Im not even doing anything else :Y
  2. no its 0.75 percent of 1 bullet so you dont even have a full bullet to load. Kinda self explanatory as to why it wouldnt work then.
  3. Thats not what he is asking; there is no item decay on themes or symbols.
  4. Weve already tried this and the community hated it.
  5. Holy god damn fucking shit, could yall imagine this???? Come on LO, put a little spice in the game, change shit up, toy around with ingame mechanics more, make some crazy shit we aint never seen with the game, something!!! PLZ!!!
  6. I honestly kinda of do too but with how shit the pop is on NA it would be pointless to bring it back.
  7. Not yet. Its still up and running so we atleast have that.
  8. I prefer LO tbh. Atleast theyre trying and the game isnt shut down. G1 was just a fucking joke.
  9. Yeah its broken for me too. ViVox works in every other game that uses it except apb so theres that :^)
  10. Oh, sorry, the Golden Marksmen is better than the Last Stand, I just had it on my mind atm when typing xd Sorry
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