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  1. Now... Im not one to throw shade but....
  2. a Pair of Socks

    Let me whine

    Thank you for this cum crusted shitbread skin instead.
  3. a Pair of Socks

    You're not Excused

    Your thread is horribly put together and made me lost interest in the first line. TL;DR.
  4. a Pair of Socks

    Autumn Assault!

    Hey man, who cant appreciate a good donger? In all seriousness though, arent we all a little gay / cucks at that thought? I mean, we all watch pron and thoroughly enjoy it xd /saddab
  5. a Pair of Socks

    Autumn Assault!

    Only thing wrong is that it doesnt even look like fucking leaves and doesnt even have maple dripping off of it. Its like someone took the jar of cooked cum from that one brony guy and dribbled it over the gun and then tried to sprinkle a shit sandwhich on the guard to make it more colorful.
  6. a Pair of Socks

    Autumn Assault!

    Much rather have the Butcher Skin instead of this cum crusted looking shit skin. Whatever, neat event that doesnt even have ingame Turkeys or Indians to shoot, neat.
  7. a Pair of Socks

    Three Skin Bug Reports in One Post :^)

    Other Tas20 variants even have the right skin on them for Red Sider.... What is this bullshoot
  8. a Pair of Socks

    Fix servers LO

    he went full smart bois, send in the squad LO, Imma spend 30 dollars to donate towards feeding the hamsters.
  9. a Pair of Socks

    So about the new skins...

  10. a Pair of Socks

    Shotguns are great.

    Overly buff to completely brokenly overpowered or make completely useless. xd
  11. a Pair of Socks

    Fix servers LO

    Servers just went done xd. Oh shit the mods are here!!! EVERYONE SCATTER!
  12. 2 poor to afford video editing software, plz dont send hate for 3 small clips not in 1 vid x-x