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  1. 7 minutes ago, Aeronaut said:

    wow, I always assumed that the companies would account for that. that's not the case here? 

    2 years ago I noticed that I could buy g1c for a cheaper price through a web browser since it was in american dollars, while armas ingame were using euros. The dollar was quiet low at that point so I managed to save a lot of money because of that misstake.

  2. 2 minutes ago, -Rachel- said:

    Whichever one you feel like at the moment. You shouldn't worry about which is your main right now. I recommend feeling your way through it, log in on them both, play some missions, and see which one you're enjoying more.

    I tried to do that today but it only made me more unsure... 

  3. First off, You probably think this is just silly but bear with me.


    I can't decide if I want to mainly play on my enforcer(r198) or my crim(r253).  I started playing back 2011 with some friends and we played crim. Later in 2013 we all stopped playing for several reasons, but I soon came back and made an enforcer because I just wanted one. I played back and forth through the years, but now I want to fully commit to the game again after hearing the news of Little Orbit taking over. I have double the amount of time played on my crim compared to my enf.

    If I succeed to recruit my friends they will probably want to play crim aswell.


    The character have a few different items, but nothing that the other one can't have or really need.


    Which character should I main and why?


    Sorry for the stupid question but I need to exchange my thoughts somewhere.

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