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  1. Hi team, I've been playing since back in 2012 (1100+ hours) and recently came back. Fell back in love with the game again and thought I would try the beta and would like G1 & Little Orbit to hear what feedback. - First things first. The beta is almost unplayable Low FPS Stutters Chrome textures Black textures Character models ranging from solid green to blue and some were semi invisible. - Design choices seem odd at best with things being changed as they could be rather then needed to be Fonts Lighting foliage shadows menus It seems hard to describe but the beta version of the game feels like such a step back that I would compare it to a beta of the live version rather than its successor. I can only give my opinion here but I feel a lot of effort is being put into things that ultimately aren't integral or will become obsolete by way of players turning the features off. The lighting changing while nice in theory are such an impact on FPS that players who are trying to do well will most likely just turn them off in favor of higher frames (this can be seen across all FPS shooters on PC). Since APB is a free to play game, I feel its target audience is not the Crysis fan with a 3090 who thinks Linus Tech Tips is Goals. I feel the District select menu was limiting and the current systems was both welcoming to new players and gave those who's played longer more informed choices. Also being akin to server pickers from other titles makes it more intuitive, as such, I don't think it's a necessary change. A couple of examples; I might want to play Financial but then see that most Financials are low pop while there is a Waterfront with one empty slot. Or that I want to ram raid and the server does not matter I just want it to be quite. The Font in the beta is less legible due to is boldness especially in the ammo count - bringing it down a tad would be great. Also it seems like some of the number and letter spacing is off for the same reason. Personally I would prefer if the team focused on more integral gameplay than features than cosmetics. Ultimately adding features that are just going to cost FPS will mean most people wont even use them. Being able to be shot behind cover as all player model hit boxes are the same size is frustrating. I understand the balancing reasons but there should be some sort of indicator. Out of map glitches still are so numerous that its still an issue and special events like Halloween only high-light the issue to more people. Hit reg is still questionable at best with latency further applying the issue where some players are fighting teleporting specters and some needing fewer shots due to double hits Some weapon balancing is odd, especially with pistols. Movements speed on 3-5 shot kill pistols is far too high while shooting without ADSing meaning that the can beat out many weapons that in theory they should not. specially considering their range and TTK The FFA Bullshark - I can't tell if it was put in as a joke. Due to its burst delay and odd firing pattern. You will almost never get a 3 burst kill on anyone who isn't totally out of cover. It's TTK FEELS like it might be the slowest in game especially against moving targets Ambient noise is just a far too loud - would be nice to able to adjust levels of things individually. (dialogue, cars, notifications etc..) Sorry for the rant but I hope someone reads this and takes even a single point on board. Love the game and will continue to play it. Though, hope 2.1 runs better else I don't think any of us will be able to.
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