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  1. as if they are banning anyone in the first place with all these cheaters around atm using macro and shit..


    but i tell you what,, they can investigate me, they'll just find that i always been a decent player and a supporter to this game, i even used to invest good amount of money in it.


    anyways i strongly suggest that devs may listen to the sound of reason and logic so we can all enjoy what is left in this game.

  2. I used to understand the necessity of servers threat level to arrange players pools and make it easier for match making etc etc.  


    but now , with barely  200~ players online, say 100 in financial and 100 in waterfront, it is a pain to join a decently full destrict.


    most of the time the full server is a "bronze" one and i can't join because i am gold so i have to dethreat OR just join an empty silver one.


    Sometimes the full server is silver and of course it is overcrowded and takes good time of clicking to try to slip in and have a decent match,


    please remove the servers threat levels so we can at least feel some fullness in the servers even though the game seems to be hardly survivng, i guess the in game match making can handle the different threat levels, MOST of silvers are dethreated GOLDS anyway. thats what i am considering to do myself so i can join these bronze servers.



    until you bring the new engine with the new systems and revive the game, then we can find multiple options of full servers to find matches, hopefully,

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  3. Quote

    A login screen doesn't change anything.

    well, it does.  it made me dig up and log in this forums and type down this thread, it is because of the good feeling i felt once i heard it again..


    something like this makes some companies go back to their "old school" versions , to call their old veteran gamers back to what they used to love in their game, it is something. take OSRS and WoW classic for example.



    Other than that, not being able to reach the game's old and faithful fans with all these news is something that needs to be managed. Myself. i will definitely give it another shot soon and see what's new about it, but i wish if they can advertise the game better than this.


    glad to know that they're trying to do something positive.  keep up the good work and good luck.

  4. Where are the old old APB fans here ? who doesn't remember this glorious log in screen ? i just stumbled upon it on youtube and boooy it gave me great nostalgic feeling when i used to play it almost 24/7, the goosbumps..




    ever since they changed the game the way they thought they are improving it, it just kept falling down deeper and deeper, starting from changing this beautiful log in screen into some noisy trash.. all the way to the joker p2w weapons..


    why don't you "whoever owns the game now" try to go all the way back when thing where just good ? change the log in screen to the classy old one, stop adding none sense useless microtransaction stuff and instead, work on adding new events to the server.. like, a big event with 20v20 or more that happens every couple hours.. imagine a planned mega bank heist or some thing else that can gets the player waiting around to join and try hard to win.. thats how mmorpgs keep their players around in the first place, use your imagination.


    man, i really loved this game, it makes me sad to check it stats on steam charts and just see it drowning.. hope devs will find a way to revive it, and i will be more than glad to help .



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