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  1. On 6/24/2019 at 3:19 PM, Thial said:

    There is no need to promote how many different cheaters were banned.
    It's like taking out the garbage.

    You don't show your neighbor what's in the bag.

    Releasing the amounts of cheaters will only contribute to people being like "look look how many cheaters there are still in APB" which will ultimately result in people hacuksating each other.


    I would like to see how my neighbor brings the garbage out so I can see that he is really working on keeping his apartment clean.

    this could cause people to complain less as they see that Team LO or EAC is working on it.

    it just feels good to see the garbage taken out and this example of TackoGirl no players are exposed. it just makes Little Orbit more sympathetic.

    AND the anticheat (LO) is given more credence in fighting cheaters.


    but I also understand your view!


    I think that Matt (LO) is sad because almost everyone does not like his new mode ... it must feel like shit ... all just want a full server with lots of fun and happiness
    but we get a new mode that nobody needs...the time has expired, i've been asking myself for a long time how you want to get all the players back... 

    too much mistakes have been made.. AGAIN. I can no longer watch as every company fails. 

    It's not over yet but my heart is bleeding... I see a crying child that no one helps😪

  3. Little Orbit has no time to bann the hackers, 
    they prefer to change weapons and make the game even worse than before.

    this game populations is so sad, 
    I always have to laugh when the CEO posts something
    because he just comes and kills the game :'D
    He changes things that never had to be changed.

    just to laugh what they have made of the game.
    with g1c and the whole hacker the game was more fun.

    today we have hacker and stupid weapon change that nobody need. 
    the only things that the game need is STILL GOOD SERVER, More Player, and Better Performenc.
    and we become weaponchanges, an population reduction, and again hackers.

    GEGE LO i hate yu more than eeverythingin the world, 
    They always jump to conclusions.

    my grandpa always said. see, think, act
    and u little orbit do not see all the problems. 
    new trade system oke good job and yukon change. 
    but otherwise you have not done anything meaningful.


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  4. 8 hours ago, greenfield said:

    well aside from a new joker box, a trade system, cheaters unban and some weapons balance (or unbalance), not sure if there was any other noticeable update by LO so far. I do believe they are working and trying for this game.. but to be honest its unlikely this game can be rescued.. 

    ps. why did i post this at all ? 

    becouse it is the truth

  5. /title 

    since the patches Apb takes so damn long to Start, i have an ssd and it works great for the patches but now it loads so long.
    and the complete game experience is so bad. im so done with this game. 
    LO you have no idea what you are doing!
    you started so well and then destroyed everything again thanks for nothing.

    shit on apb, my former favorite game is fucked.

    and goodbye.

  6. did you buy the game to step on it or to solve the problems that g1c could not solve?

    This game had only 3 problems:
    1. Hackers.         
    2. Bad Servers. 
    3. No Communication with the Players. 
    And maybe the Yukon.

    yes, the Ntec was a strong weapon but only if you could play with it! And then the changes to the shotguns,.. really bad work...
    they can not listen to a community that has long lied to and been ignored. the frustration with the game is too big to get a productive response.
    but now they have messed up the whole game.

    Everything else they are trying to fix is a kick on someone who is already on the ground.

    I've been playing like many other people since 2011, and I was so glad you "saved" this game, but the arbitrary changes to the weapons robbed me of my last play fun. they should first focus on the 3 most important issues.


    do not you see it Little Orbit ? Look at June 2018, all was hyped becouse u save the game and give us HOPE. and now ? haha we have the same Player Population like before. 

    Becouse u change things without reasons. All in the game was Perfekt! except for the 3 reasons see above!

    so im out. This will certainly bring nothing but disslikes from the community but I have to get rid of that because you hurt me, I thought you (lo) have a notion about the business.

    to the G1C survivors, have fun and patience.

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  7. 8 hours ago, MattScott said:

    Hi everyone,

    I have posted a new dev blog with the July update on our progress. You can read the details here:

    This update covers the details for 1.19.6, the upcoming 1.19.7, progress with Unreal 3.5, and some updates for our console players.

    Build 1.19.6 is now available to all players on our Open Test World. Once you log in and create your account, you'll have a bunch of in-game emails waiting with all the weapons in the game to play with. In order to access that system, you need to download an alternate installer for the game. You can download the OTW version of APB here:
    OTW Download Link


    I hope you can fix the server befor you releas that update on the real servers ...
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