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  1. Hey, i asked this before but did not see an answer.
    Do we need to have access to all this stuff? Like, are you going to ninjaripper our models to put them in the joker store?

    I'm just asking for those people who submitted alot of outfits, and might have lost a piece or two.



    On 6/13/2020 at 11:59 AM, InkieTheSauzeGod said:

    If this wins, ill donate 5k on the next LO stream

    I love you but don't. Save up that 5k for your future fam, you never know when shit goes feminine features up and you'll need it.

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  2. 36 minutes ago, proxie said:

    Hello, meet David. :- )




    And there is also a version if LO thinks the exposed belly is a bit much...



    Name: David S. Muzzle
    Age: 46


    David has been a part of Joker industries as far as anyone can remember. Nobody is quite sure how long or what he actually does for the company as he has not been seen doing actual work by anyone. Despite working for the company for many years he has yet to move up in the ranks. There are several rumors to why is still employed by Joker industries. Some say he is in fact a highly skilled marksman and some that he is friends with the owners of the company. Or it could be that he is one of the leader of the workers union. What ever the reason it does not seem like he is going anywhere any time soon.

    David is known for constantly eating burgers while on company time. He even has repurposed a tactical leg pouch to keep extra burgers warm. He keeps mostly to himself and does not say much more than is needed. This can make interacting with him quite awkward as it often turns into a one sided conversation. He is still has a warm friendly aura around him that often can lead to the mistake of trying to start a conversation with David.



    Im not attached to either the name or lore of the character, open to changing all that if picked.


    look at this face. I want to buy illegal guns from this man. Please Matt, this is too good.

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  3. Sure, i'll post something. You want a San Paro Citizen? Here you go, "Goabea"


    Detailed photos








    Nothing much is really known about Goabea, he's always seen wearing a mask so no-one truly knows who he is. Granted, who he is isn't important. 
    But his big claim to fame is bootlegging clothing. Remember that very nice shirt you saw on the corpse of that slaughtered Prentess Tiger? How about the shoes on that random dead G-King?
    Or those super slick black jeans on that dead Blood Rose? (After all, the legs were the only thing they found of him!) He's made them all, by hand. He replicates alot of clothing from the outside. I mean the city is a Warzone with very little things coming in, aside from guns.

    And don't Forget, in San Paro. It's all about how you look first and foremost. Not how you feel.




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  4. Hello! I purchased the Key To The City pack a while ago, and one of the main things that made me want to buy it is because it unlocks all symbols, fonts etc etc.

    But it's been very weird about it. I'll get *some* of the new symbols and fonts, but not everything. What's going on?

    I purchased this to unlock "All" Symbols, and Fonts as it says on the page.
    Why am i not getting "All" Of the Symbols and Fonts?

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  5. Please, K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Less is more!

    As much as alot of people who like clothing symbols with prebaked designs on them, most of the designers don't.

    I'm saying this, by looking at the new Occult Pants.





    It's going to be hard to make unique clothing with something that has so much stuff pre-added, And don't forget! APB is all about being unique.
    I can make a huge list about clothing barely anyone uses because you can't really design with (*Cough* Most of ARMAS)
    Let's flip it around though, alot of the default clothing the game gives you is extremely versatile. And that is because it's so simple! You can symbol on whatever you want and it'll look fine, and unique!
    Want to turn the Medium Tee into a denim jacket? Go for it! Want to turn the female Skinny jeans into a pair of punk rock pants covered in straps, zippers, patches! You can do it.
    Convert the female long sleeve into.... pretty much whatever? Go for it!

    Also, everyone wants to use the punk shirt, but the rips on it flatout ruin it.

    Here are some examples of what alot of designers have made, converting other clothing into new clothing.








    If you're going to add new clothing LO, Please keep them simple so we can make stuff.





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