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  1. CPU: Ryzen 1600 GPU: RX 580 MEM: 16GB GAME GRAPHICAL SETTING: HIGH Before reading be aware of the fact that I haven't played the game for 2-3 years, only followed progress online, although last time I played for a few weeks was with the current CPU and GPU. I unfortunately had the wrong resolution and noticed the issue in the last 20-30 minutes of gameplay, by wrong resolution I mean it was set to 1080p native resolution but 50Hz refresh rate (monitor has freesync at 72Hz max). I don't know why the default option was at 50Hz but I wonder if anyone else had the same setting by default. After correcting this option the game ran much better with less stuttering and more fluid gameplay than previous version of the game. However in full abbington districts there were frequent and significant fps dips from averaging 60-72fps (V-Sync enabled) down to 30-40fps breaking the fluid gameplay. I would like to say that before playing with higher fps the game was still not appearing smooth due to stuttering, in this test stuttering happened only when fps dips occured. On the aspect of graphical improvements I am glad that lighting sources actually iluminate the surfaces they are directed unto, it gives the game a sense of space where objects are connected within it. It may be stupid but the way I largely played in the past was to use minimal graphics with no bloom and high contrast in order to reduce stuttering. This was not the only improvement, my character's outfit and vehicle decals seemed to be more clear. During this beta test my game did not crash and there were no log in issues for me, on the last beta I was unable to log in. All in all I am happy to be able to experience first hand the progress of the engine update and I belive if the fps dips issues are resolved the gameplay experience will be much improved. Thank you Litlle Orbit for bringing this engine update closer to reality.
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