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  1. EAC was so much better. It just wasn't working on the server side, so as far as I heard trigger-bots and such were near impossible (?) to detect. Sorry but I'd rather have a hand full of trigger-botting Andies than the situation we're in right now.
  2. As far as I have heard this cheat called Simplex (if that is how you write it) got leaked/cracked or something along those lines so plenty of people got access to it. I'm not the one to hackusate but the cheaters problem currently is insane... It's just low ranks that are doing insane in Asylum and people that just stream with the stuff turned on (I feel like everyone knows who I mean ) Isn't there anything you as LO can do and BE of course as well.. The dudes are going so blatant, be toxic in the chat, get banned and they simply reroll.
  3. So why didn't they add the items from the xmas bundle in to the Jokerstore?
  4. If this game even survives till next Christmas.. For the love of god start it earlier and end it in the first week of January.. You're starting an xmas event 1/2 days before xmas (depending on where you live) and then run it 2 whole weeks in to January as well. It's simply too boring and the festive spirit is long gone by now, just bring Asylum back already.
  5. Cuve

    WASP Inc [Enforcer]

    Literally anyone that is on from WASP now is Russian.,
  6. Heyyy that's pretty good! People coming home to relax and play a few missio.... oh wait... 10 full flippin hours of maintenance at primetime ladies and gentleman! How to lose even more players 101 right there.
  7. Why do you keep making changes that are not needed and then if you make needed changes, they're "extreme"...
  8. Insane how there's people getting Muted in-game by a GM for "name shaming" people that have been blatantly cheating and have plenty of banned accounts, whilst these individuals are appearing in everyone's stream just walking towards where people spawn, snapping all over the place and are speed-hacking... It's unbelievable. Why is nothing being done what so ever, Waterfront right now as I type this is a living hell, but I can't give names because of name shaming. All I can do is send a support ticket or use the report system in-game which feels utterly useless. When they finally get banned they just create a new account and continue what they've been doing Battle Eye is just a Joke.
  9. Highly doubt that there will be people willing to speak about APB in a positive way.
  10. That's why I said... "feel better" I can run my game perfectly fine on everything max (144fps) but it's just so not enjoyable, you don't see anything, gameplay feels slow and just the overall feel of the game is so much worse in every aspect. Rather run everything potato mode, designs on high but environment lowest possible. Stretch that mf out and zoom over the map whilst being able to see everything I need to see.
  11. Outfits were judged, and those numbers were sent to LO and still decided to go with different generic outfits. Even though there weren't that many entries, there were definitely better ones, but you know how it works LO Doesn't listen or care about the community.
  12. https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=65&subcatID=208&productId=3941
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