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  1. Outfits were judged, and those numbers were sent to LO and still decided to go with different generic outfits. Even though there weren't that many entries, there were definitely better ones, but you know how it works LO Doesn't listen or care about the community.
  2. https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=65&subcatID=208&productId=3941
  3. What is wrong with people... One thinks CA is op and now this? Kev and Medspray? Which pepega even wants to use that.
  4. The fact you've mentioned you're using kevlar and percs... kinda makes this sound like a joke.
  5. You sure it wouldn't be before it releases? :^)
  6. You just got to do what you got to do to make the game feel better (which it does) and actually being able to see something.
  7. They'll never understand anything bout any weapon by the looks of it..
  8. So... you're breaking the OCA with the last "balancing" changes.... And you're not even bothered fixing it this patch?! Explain.
  9. Excuse me but how is a PMG annoying exactly? Have you perhaps missed the memo of the PMG being nerfed? Explosives are just for the "gamers" that do not have the brain capacity to put their crosshair on another player (just talking about Asylum here) No one in this god forsaken game has the ability anymore to play it without even throwing or shooting one single explosive, it's just boring patootie gameplay and then to think that people would rather remove JG's from Asylum?! You barely have the chance to even camp a corner with a JG as there will always be a chance of an enemy coming up behind you or the enemy having a ridiculous spawn (which of course is a reoccurring theme within APB). Let's not even start on how inconsistent the JG or even shotguns in general are. Shotguns shouldn't be in a 3rd person shooter, I agree, but they're nothing stronger in Asylum than the OCA (which is a ridiculous gun... gj LO) or whatever you're using.
  10. Sadly the last date you were able to enter was the 13th of October so we couldn't take your entry in to judging.
  11. Rather have them disable Baylan for that Barely see it used in there, just use an OCA or JG and you'll be fine They'll still have their hand grenades so they should be a-okay ^^
  12. The grenades are infact pretty easy to track and predict on where they are going to land, even more so with some nice configs... Smile It's just more in APB at this moment about how people rely too much on their grenades, no push will be done without tossing 2 nades at a corner first which is kinda boring tbh.... Though it's the only way to clear a corner camping JG pleb. As far as FPS... Why in the hell would you need a new GPU if you're buying a new motherboard?! Any GPU will fit and even if you want a GPU upgrade, it won't have any use on APB as the game is for the biggest part only relying on your CPU..
  13. People that vote no are just Silvers that can't use anything else but their OPGL :^)
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