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  1. Cuve


    Yup went straight to Social to check if the Temptress was there ^^
  2. Cuve


    Trust me I got VOIP off 100% of the time ^^ It doesn't bother me at all, it was more a thing of me wondering why ya'll want it back so bad if you wanna scream at someone invite that guy to a party instead of making a proper fool out of yourself in front of the others in the district ^^
  3. Cuve


    It's whatever you call an issue, it's nice and peaceful instead of people screaming the N-word towards each other the entire day ^^
  4. It just doesn't make any sense to me... You can play APB for free without buying anything... We have to pay regardless so the money is gone anyways which in my head makes it unfair as hell, you pay slightly more and yet get premium every single month...
  5. Cuve

    Account Moving

    Sony are the biggest ***** when it comes to cross platform things.
  6. Hi, Idk if I can post this here but I'm looking for someone that can make some sort of artwork of my character(s) so I can use them in thumbnails. I'm open for a lot of styles but hope to get something towards the realistic side. Lmk if I'm posting this in the wrong topic or what ever. I'd love to know a pricetag as well ^^ If possible msg me on Discord: Richard#2141 Thank you in advance.
  7. Ahh I figured, well thank you for your time!
  8. For an avatar you'd probably be best off commissioning one of the talented 2D artists to draw your char, that is going to run you far cheaper than getting a 3D artist to remake your character from scratch. Any known prices?
  9. That's the worst news you could've gotten me haha, but oh well... I think the chances of me making the characters on PC are very unlikely as that would require me to buy the clothes from Armas, aandd the 3D glasses only come in the kttw i believe right? It's just for thumbnail reasons so any other solutions you can think of? someone that can fully 3D draw that?
  10. What you would need to do is make an account on PC and try your best to match the sliders from the Console character to the PC character. There is no easier way to do this since we cannot actually rip from the console versions. Ah yeah i figured, thought maybe there would be a way that you would be able to make it from a reference photo ^^ It will require me to have the same clothing as well doesn't it?
  11. This might sound like a dumb/weird question.. But is it possible for any of you talented people to actually recreate Console (don't slay me for it) characters?
  12. Cuve


    Temptress is only available for "Newer" players... This is a founders account. This is a fresh account.
  13. 2 Bloody months later... Only had one response which was something completely irrelevant towards the ticket... LO's Support is so much worse than G1, i never thought i would say that.
  14. Cuve

    Game Crash after Customization of Clothes/Vehicle

    This has been a problem since the beginning of the game (on console)