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  1. It's a law, game devs/publishers need to obey these laws and take actions where necessary. In this case it was Little Orbit blocking off the gambling aspect of the game for those people.
  2. So this is basically for the Dutch/Belgian people that have been having issues since 2018 with their Legendaries. Basically accounts that have been registered in the Netherlands, Belgium and I believe Luxembourg? Weren't able to open Mystery boxes since 2018. When using a VPN you were still able to open them but not able to trade them (not even send them to your own characters.) Of course this issue was "solved" by removing the gambling aspect of those boxes to the Jokerstore, now the issue still remains with the Golden loyalty reward boxes. Will we be ever be able to trade our Legendaries obtained through the Golden boxes (even the ones we currently already own)? This issue has probably been spoken about on the forums before, but now with the new system (that is the the Jokerstore) can we re-shine the light on this "issue"?
  3. Even though I played Beta's before... I kinda wanted to try this with my friends and have some fun. Shame that the servers couldn't handle all these players. Better luck next time ^^
  4. That's not advanced launcher...
  5. She indeed looks better in clay
  6. Anne is a waste of time that doesn't even look like she fits the Joker store what so ever.
  7. There are a lot more options ingame to tune your game to fit your system, hopefully this will help a lot of players + the new engine should run better by default regardless.
  8. Needs buff broooooooo :^)
  9. Not gonna lie... Not looking forward to this switch back to BE. Ever since APB ran EAC as their anti cheat I felt like everything was going pretty well.. Never really encountered "any" cheaters. Maybe once or twice. Shame to see it go.
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