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  1. Gave it a shot with 30 minutes... It doesn't have all the features yours has but you know... It's coming from an already existing game launcher of another game you may find out yourself
  2. Cuve

    E. E. C. European Enforcer Corps

    I have no clue what you're trying to say rn, but you be you, Xbox is dead, and it will stay dead, there are 0 good players there, maybe 1 or 2 on NA. I wish ya'll the best on there but I'm afraid the Xbox version is not gonna stay for that long.
  3. Use a different font than the fat one and please... please don't stretch pictures...
  4. According that the 3.5 on PC will look exactly the same as on the console versions... I already hate it
  5. Cuve

    E. E. C. European Enforcer Corps

    What goal tho? 4 people in 1 clan?
  6. Cuve

    E. E. C. European Enforcer Corps

  7. Cuve


    The reason why no one complains is because they know its not going to make a difference...
  8. A lot of potential but horrible communication and terrible delivery times... I guess It's worth the wait for some people, so if you have the time (take a few months) and you'll have an amazing piece of art!
  9. Had the same issue ages ago. I was always wondering why people screenshotted their mailboxes whilst sending a weapon over, then one day my friend lost some of my stuff (Got it back thankfully) and then weeks after that me myself lost some stuff in the mail. I would record or screenshot my mailbox as well. But hey, if you have to wait 4 months for LO to respond to a ticket that you lost your weapon and they'll tell you that you'll not get it back because "their logs don't go back that far" You don't even remember it happened :) You'll just have to be lucky to get it back, it took me at least 4 months go get a gun back that just randomly disappeared out of my locker. The friend I was on about earlier had to wait 2 months (when G1 was still in charge) to get my shit back that he lost as well...
  10. Cuve

    Buy my clothes

    I did like 3 times already
  11. Cuve

    Buy my clothes

    I would have to have you as a friend or be in a same server as you (which I'm not) so there is no way to contact you rn.
  12. It don't even look bad to me, it looks like the way it is supposed to be
  13. Cuve

    Buy my clothes

    Hey, I added you on discord a while ago but was still not able to get a hold of you :c
  14. Flashbacks to the c****r that is called console. I'm going to miss the current looks of APB:R on PC