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  1. Cuve

    Buy my clothes

    I did like 3 times already
  2. Cuve

    Buy my clothes

    I would have to have you as a friend or be in a same server as you (which I'm not) so there is no way to contact you rn.
  3. It don't even look bad to me, it looks like the way it is supposed to be
  4. Cuve

    Buy my clothes

    Hey, I added you on discord a while ago but was still not able to get a hold of you :c
  5. Flashbacks to the c****r that is called console. I'm going to miss the current looks of APB:R on PC
  6. Cuve

    The Frame drops with the game's inventory

    The build will never be submitted, I just feel it >< I'd just say leave the game until it actually gets updated (IF it ever will). Never had this issue?
  7. Cuve

    The halloween event is atrocious on xbox

    G1 handling it better than this? All LO did was flip the switch to ON >< It's the exact same event as last year... All G1 did was close up a door after the event ended. The shield glitching is still a thing and it will be until LO can finally push an update to the live servers, you can always post a bug or issue with the game in the extended post I've made and we'll add it to the list. (Trust me, the new event isn't something to be happy about either)
  8. Cuve

    Cross Platform

    Would be down for cross platform with PS4 (EU on PS4 is decent but very much dying as well. PC would be a horrible idea, there are some top-notch players on console that can do unimaginable things with a controller (some just use a device that lets them play with kb & mouse) but PC will 99% come out on top due to the advantages of leaning for example. Also there are a lot of features that are different or that do not exist on the console version of the game so in order to make this possible they'd have to make the game an exact copy of each other, as of now that is not the case and it won't be for a long time.
  9. Always great to see an Item you grinded for becoming available on the Armas.
  10. Cuve


    Yup went straight to Social to check if the Temptress was there ^^
  11. Cuve


    Trust me I got VOIP off 100% of the time ^^ It doesn't bother me at all, it was more a thing of me wondering why ya'll want it back so bad if you wanna scream at someone invite that guy to a party instead of making a proper fool out of yourself in front of the others in the district ^^
  12. Cuve


    It's whatever you call an issue, it's nice and peaceful instead of people screaming the N-word towards each other the entire day ^^
  13. It just doesn't make any sense to me... You can play APB for free without buying anything... We have to pay regardless so the money is gone anyways which in my head makes it unfair as hell, you pay slightly more and yet get premium every single month...