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  1. Will Gold/silver/bronze districts return as well or? Hopefully not... The way it is now we're finally able to play almost 24/7
  2. Brother, I run missions with the lad almost every day.. Never in my existence has he been a rank lower than gold...
  3. Unfortunately as much as I dislike the Frenchy you're talking to, he's been gold since the beginning of time.
  4. Can we revert the sniper and RFP changes as well.... Kappa
  5. How are they taking this long to fix such a simple thing...
  6. Someone prolly already asked.. but why can't we see our progress...
  7. I keep forgetting about the nosering ngl, I have not tried any of those things no, might do it ^^
  8. Console stuff - PC Stuff - Always Evolving "New" clan Design -
  9. Do you take requests for these kinds of artwork? Cause damn I'd love one.
  10. Completely different UI in general would be better...
  11. Kinda Stole the idea from @JG-Designs from the WASP inc Pioneer but hey ^^ This is a random remake of the Huntorax drift video. Monster Mikro. Car I made on request, he loved it... But made a better Espacio for him afterward so he doesn't drive it anymore Nyan cat Vegas for shits 'n giggles . All cars were made on the Xbox one don't bash me for it :^) PC stuffs
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