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  1. It simply does not work like that. Devs are trying to make the game compatible with every kind of hardware, hence the removal of AVX. This will take time, but it's simply down to them to optimize the game, so it can run on older hardware as well as new hardware.
  2. I hope this login problem won't be there the next time, because honestly that was the only bug i had. The game would let me login, choose my character and then kick me, or i could join a district but it would kick me during loading. Except one time, and it was nice to play, had no bugs, my character was like in live, nice. There was too much contrast but that's just visually, and i was doing 70-90ish fps in ultra, where i was doing 100-120 fps on live with a i7-8750H and a GTX 1060 6GB. My friends, however, crashed when they tried to login, with no error code. I believe in you, LO, this was clumsy, but at least you could get some data on why people couldn't connect. Baby steps.
  3. Well... it's a beta, i don't even know why you expect it to work in the first place
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