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  1. Theres also this issue ( car physics for both clients [ as you can see I jumped off the car on the far side of the orange market ] and the fact I cant still hit him without even aiming on him )
  2. Shaders still okay till new engine launch? Im sorry but default APB looks fucking disgusting and I refuse to play the game what looks like through a pair of grease covered spectacles. Same time of day, same settings, no fog. Game looks so terrible with that bullshoot fog lmao
  3. Thank you! Im extremely happy with his work and he even did it for free! All credit goes to; Mr_icebag_cringe#0158
  4. Personally edited the right side myself cause conveying specifics is kinda hard over just text based chat but Im currently asking him if its alright to plug his Discord if anyone happens to be interested! Oh, this was done for free btw! Super awesome dude His Discord is; Mr_icebag_cringe#0158 if youre wanting to see more work from him just add him and ask!
  5. I dont get it... Why do people hate me for using a gun I like because its an UMP 45
  6. Literally 6 people on NA rn and Im one of em; whats going on??? -relogged onto social and network issues upon spawning in
  7. Cool beans! Thank you! Despite the constant lag and the event itself being very very flawed with alot of problems, was pretty fun. A friend of mine had to go into their bios and mess with shit cause APB nearly bricked their PC with the event....
  8. How long is the event? I think Skitty said an hour but didnt make that clear enough
  9. I have a video of him saved where he is in his whitie tighties in the reflection of the screen... He was talking about people being nazis who troll him xd
  10. None of my friends nor I can log in at this current point in time, whats going on??????? I know its not me typing my password or email incorrectly as Im logging in via Steam and also manually typing it out and neither are working. Ive tried another old account and it says the same error aswell.
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