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  1. I understand that there is a lot of work/time going into being a crafter I also have a lot progress I'd hate to lose.  The feeling I got from the future plans is that they are trying to creating/replace the base engine to mitigate/fix the current flaws to get back to a working game.  Everything else is secondary and subject to what that can do to fix the game as it stands.  So, we are in a wait and see kind of time. Yes, frustrating in a time of the internet of instant answers

  2. On 1/10/2019 at 8:03 PM, Eric Cloud said:

    To me it still would not give me the desire to play with everything being wiped, it's not about the chips, time i spent or whatever. I have no desire to grind levels, maxing all my crafting, or getting DT again to rebuild weapons. Plus i have many items that are special to me that were made by certain friends that are long gone and doubt i will ever see again. also have tons of crafting materials, serendipity items and other items that if gone will only make me want to uninstall and move on from FE. Sure if it was an actual new game it would not matter, but going through all the same stuff again after losing years of stuff just seems pointless. Cosmetics and chips are just pointless to me.

    Almost my sentiments

    I'd hate to loose many thing I've traded for and collected...

    True, I haven't logged in some time but even now I remember my Flame Jacket painted yellow with blue flames with matching hat and pants..

    I still remember spending nearly a year wandering for a second Pork Blaster... not to actually use... just to have a set... got the first from a box you see

    I remember when 55s were not nerfed in lessor PvP zones.. those were hard times for crafters like me...  got easier chips from reselling from vendors, though it was boring

    Then standard botanical chems became my thing before the farms.. endless hours I spent grinding those... farming didn't really kill me off it was the Dome.. some of you old crafters understand.... I moved to tents and tent parts not that PvPers that bought them lasted much longer....


    I was there my clan fractured and all but died, but that's a story for a different time...


    5+ years and 7 toons.. what do you really do that you haven't done already?...  No, I didn't spend a whole lot of money on it.... mostly just to get that crafting kit for my first toon.... everything else I traded for in game.... Well, lots grinding, crafting, trading to get what I have


    Hopefully, I don't need to tell you of the things that brought FE down to this state but I was never apart of it.. to lose everything because of it..


    Well, to kill a cancer some things you don't intend to die, will.


    To Ted, Gleip, and Kat maybe we should raise a sour beer to fading memories for old times sake


  3. Short answer is no.... On the other hand if only one person is logged in at a time they have no idea who it is only that it was properly logged in. 

    Please note: If that someone is logged in and gets banned it's your account that's ban-hammered you're still responsible for it

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