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  1. i don't think forcing them to play on a specific server is the brightest idea,problematic players will be managed accordingly regardless the country they belong too and I think this suggestion might be a little offending to some people.
  2. In my opinion shotguns were pretty well placed back in the day before the last balances of the weapons,sure the Jg wasn't as good as the csg in longer ranges however it was better up close,every weapon has its upsides and downsides but it feels to me that csg has only downsides lately,and to be fully truthfull back in the day the only way an Oca was losing to the csg was due to the corner abuse which still happens today.Plus if the intention of the balances was to help new players to land better shots i might say that if they couldn't aim then they can't aim now.I dont think it was worth modding the weapon for some players need,the weapon was just fine.
  3. Surely the engine will do its part yet Gateron has a certain point of view.But again a new engine would mostly impact every side of the game,will see how this goes.Plus with the new engine comin the game will be able to get a lot more of modifications which are not available on the current engine.Again will see how it goes
  4. man that gm is a genius,easy troll
  5. For sure the gm acted as he/she should have done,griefing is not fun,imagine losing a mission because of that,i don't think you would like that happening to you
  6. Hello,first off it is not about the players who left it is about the players who stood by waiting for things to happen. Second off,this type of developing happens slow,no new content is available until the engine upgrade,because from what I heard the current engine can't take no more.You might bring back the '2014' argument but no,this is not G1,this is a company the bought APB and they have done more to the game in 1 year than the Ex G1 did in 5. Third off,we must have a little more patience and faith,we waited so long its a shame to go nuts now a few months away from the big upgrade(time might be even shorter in fact). Please just sit back and relax a few more weeks or months,i mean you waited 3 years what harm can a few months do:)
  7. I would suggest you to change the email and password and then enable 2FA that might help enforce your accounts security.Last one is not exactly needed but you can do it too.
  8. indeed that's is that,but apb is still developing atm and its needs all the income it can get
  9. I don't think prices should be much lower,but they should be seriously looked at.Most of the weapons you find on armas-page are actually reskins of the in game ones so if you have expensive tastes you can go for those,if not the in game variants should definitely suffice.Sure there are some unique weapons that have no relatives in game so if you want it you must buy it which I believe is totally normal considering the fact you can trial the weapon before actually purchasing it.
  10. There is a report system for these type of issues,i would recommend using that or emailing the support about it if you doubt its functionality but as much as i am aware of it is indeed working.
  11. Saxtus is right,i would advice you to wait a lil bit till you make a purchase ,untill we get the engine upgrade things are not certain about what specs you should have
  12. There could be errors in detecting cheats but as many others said there is no way for one to know if someone is cheating or not unless hes blatant enough or he is right behing him lookin at him playing.Sure we must not izolate the fact that some people might have been fasley accused but im sure LO will look into their cases and proceed with the apropriate responce.
  13. Civilians are fightin alrightgot ran over by civilians mid missionsquite a few times
  14. You cant blame the game for its community but for sure there are people still enjoying the game everytime they get online squading up with their friends,i remember when i first started on Joker NA.Was playin the game with the friends i made,people were so chill and welcoming we had a lot of fun playing.But time passes people change,community progresses or the other way around,it is all about finding your spot with the change
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