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  1. It would be nice. Unfortunately, it looks more like LO will make the min TTK for weapons - 10 seconds, lmao. For example, now obeya has been fixed, people will start using OBIR more often, and then LO will also fix this weapon. And so it will happen with every type of weapon. xd
  2. With the current anti-cheat, there are practically no cheaters in the game, since after the ban the player cannot log in, because receives hwid ban too fast. And after updating to new BE, somewhere in a month the situation will be the same as it was before the EAC, I'm sure of it.
  3. I would call it anti-cheat downgrade
  4. This is the same as fixning in CS:GO AK and M4. N-TEC is balanced (I'm not ntec main). The only weapons that need fix is NFAS, RFP and PMG(range), That's just my opinion. After this balance (ntec) I just delete this game again, as it was when they fixed IR3. With such fixes by LO less people would play, imo
  5. I can’t wait for the NTEC fix. Then people will go to Obeya, LO will fix this weapon, then the same will happen with Obir, etc. As a result, we'll have a min TTK on weapons 5sec. :'DD
  6. seems like IR is not working :'D
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