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  1. i was in a mission with a trainee who had the n word in his logo and clan name crackheads, he spawned in my car and drove off 100s of meters also i saw a soldier with swastika patches
  2. they should add a casual missions mode that we can join and leave freely like a financial/wf fight club with objectives
  3. this would be so fun, we need more ways to play than just missions and fc
  4. Excessive mouth-breathing unbalances the posture and weakens the jawline.
  5. Excessive mouth-breathing weakens the jawline and unbalances the posture.
  6. super cute designs! i want them but im on jericho T_T

    1. KawaiiAlice


      Thankies :3 ^.^ 

  7. APB simply doesn't have the capacity to produce good videos without adding a ton of special effects or doing something really unique with the footage.
  8. Surely many of us are now simply accustomed to the aspect of false promises in regards to this game. Company after company, year after year... here I am still waiting for the mythical engine upgrade.
  9. It's a bannable offense, should you catch the attention of a GM you could face repercussions.
  10. Treating it as anything more than a silly little game would be self-inflicting turbo cancer.
  11. I was there too and he's absolutely right about everything. The game has become something else totally.
  12. Tumbies

    Hide Threat

    Hi Mercuie, great post. I think it's worth mentioning that with the massive skill gaps and the unique gameplay, to redesign the matchmaking system effectively and fairly would require considerable effort, and that "fixing" threat system only addresses a small part of the issue. Most likely, to create a balanced competitive experience would require massive changes to the game from the ground-up.
  13. Even if the fabled engine update does come through, it's no secret the game has become irreversibly blighted by the lack of moderation.
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