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  1. 2 hours ago, Timobelk said:

    That is not your character, the image you saved is just a placeholder material from which the image pulls information from upon manipulation. I tried uploading around 20 different people and got this material image in most cases. So it's just a material not a actual result. Besides it doesn't even look like your character. Seem like many of you didn't learned anything in art class in your school, for example when it comes to proportions or projection or anything. But then again chances are younger generations don't even have art classes at all or they have something that cannot be really called like it. So it's kinda not entierly your fault...


    Anyways messing around with this program I found out there is tons of flaws in it.

    Learn to make art, express your self in your own way not how a robot thinks you should do it, or if you are lazy just higher a artist or simply move on, this tool needs tons of work to be useful in anything. Considering they are asking money for it it's just a big scam really. As most these websites really are just that.


    Reading the text I have highlighted in red makes me a very sad panda. What's up buddy? Are you feeling ok?


    How is this for fine art?




    Bidding starts at £500.00. Any offers?


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  2. We need to take LO to the international Court of Justice, clearly they are breaching your human rights by denying you the right to upgrade your PC.


    Maybe we can start a class action together, I'm still running a core 2 duo because of the poor multi-threading performance....

    1 hour ago, florian325 said:

    I'm running a 1080Ti instead of a 2080Ti because of this very issue. Little Orbit can't expect me to stay behind on my personal PC because they are not able to respond according to the timeline of PC upgrades.

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    If any of you want to study the grenades / throwables whilst being equipped in the hands of your player model, this bug will allow you to do that.


    Simply press your grenade key followed by the look behind camera key, you need to do this almost simultaneously. ie a very minor delay, [grenade button] > almost no delay > [look behind key]


    05/05/2020 - Unconfirmed if anyone else can replicate this.


  4. Broken threat system and match making, one of APB's oldest outstanding issues 🙂

    Once they get the engine upgrade in place and at an acceptable point, they really need to start thinking about attracting new players by obliterating the threat / matchmaking system and replacing it with something that works and makes new players feel welcomed and positively contributes to making them become better players.


    What we have right now is a meat grinder that makes new players feel like shit and negatively contributes to making them better players. If anything is just fosters bad players in so many ways, I can't be bothered to go into but will pick on one point, when you label someone as trash by putting a silver/brown symbol above their name what impact does it have on that player? What impact does it have on other players? Then you ring fence them all together with the brilliant matchmaking system that uses their threat label to put them against each other.....


    The current threat/match making system is soooooo bad that I genuinely feel on the balance on probabilities a simple no threat system and matchmaking done on a whoever is available would be better than what we have right now, although this is nowhere near ideal or even acceptable.


    One can only hope that before the zombie apocalypse match making will be over hauled for the better.

  5. I feel the current gun play is a bit lackluster.


    Need some better sound fx, uncapped ROF on some of the pistols?, alternate fire modes (under barrel perc launcher, semi/burst/full auto), akimbo FBW, ACT44, 45AP, NFA, PDW.


    Ultimately with the engine update, the draw distance 100M limit needs to be increased and weapon damage drop off adjusted. That should open up the weapon system, giving sniper rifles more scope to work with, make the NTEC less potent against CR762/OBIR/Scout etc.


    And maybe some laser weapons like the ones in star wars and a light saber too along with yoda. Ah, weapon you seek, the perc is strong with you. Hur Hee Hee.

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