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  1. Source? I only know about the advanced launcher being allowed.
  2. Maybe there is a specific version that still works for it or it just have been patched out. I wouldn't recommend using it even if it worked since you can get banned for injecting third party stuff into the game.
  3. Ask them maybe? It is an injector. it makes sense to be blocked. Also what is the exact error that you are getting?
  4. I thought those were a myth. I have probably got enough money for 2 nanos while waiting for it to happen.
  5. It still goes down to actually creating it. The engine update will reduce time and probably costs but someone still have to get paid to create that stuff.
  6. Sure but income is usually used on the game that produces it. What I mean is the actual development of those new things. The engine update may make them easier to implement but someone has to actually create that content first.
  7. Creating additional content will take time too even if the contacts are already done. What bothers me is if they will even have money to develop the game any further. With low playerbase, the income probably isn't so great too.
  8. To make the people come, there will be a huge announcement about the game getting updated... to a more than a decade old engine.
  9. I have no reason not to be considering it should have been in the game already.
  10. I still feel like car surf should be deleted from the game. It makes using the seats obsolete.
  11. Now that you have mentioned it, weren't these ready even during g1 times but they just never released them?
  12. It makes me wonder is it really hard for them just to program auto fill option inside the report system especially when it is already in the game.
  13. You just move to citadel and hoping that the population there doesn't die as well. Lets face it. There is no way out of this situation unless they merge the servers into one. Thread segregation or not, they can't just pick add more people to the game to make it playable if there aren't any.
  14. Matchmaking was bad even when the game still had population so yes, nothing will solve it.
  15. jUsT wAiT fOr tHe eNgNe uPdAte lOl But seriously, NA had issues with the population since years. Why is everyone acts so surprised now? You people do everything possible to scare the new players away and then cry when there is no one to play with. Ofc people will be leaving. Why wouldn't they?
  16. You think they can't use english characters to type in russian? You must be new on the internet, buddy.
  17. I left at the time when the science was just starting since I saw what was coming (more like not) and I am still skeptical. I can only imagine what it has been for those who were actually waiting during that time.
  18. happens to be a trend with him. Not sure how he even got there.
  19. And it is not even optimized yet (assuming it is possible to be optimized to the same level on the first place). Also they probably have just few people testing this. No one knows what impact 80 people in district will have on the performance.
  20. What is your rig? High end specs can be relevant to +10 years and works in a different way than even modern low specs. Check the date of the first update and see how much time has passed. Even without more major blockers it will take just as much for "polishing" and finally getting it to live (and that is if nothing else pops up)
  21. There is no guarantee the engine update won't decrease the performance even more. Also they seems to be testing it only in high end machines too. Do we know if those contacts are even made already? If not that would be at least 1 more year just for that.
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