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    Weird symbol behavior

    Like I stated before, I'm pretty sure someone has to have seen this before due to how easy it is to replicate. ANYWAYS. Any symbol that has transparency (Being smoke in this case) by setting it in the bottom layer as an Invert mask and increasing its size results on a fire decal. I have used it in my creations and it's a weird little thing you can do for no reason.
  2. The game is full of these little stuff and problems. Like a month ago I found a way to get a hidden symbol in the creator which I don't know how to do in any other symbols than the one it happened in. It is weird shit. I'll try to find it today and upload it to the forums since I forgot to do so when I found it. Pretty sure someone out there have found it too, it ain't that hard to do.
  3. 2018 player here. Here is my personal opinion on the matter. APB like any other game has a learning curve, where pro and experienced players can take new players down in groups. Due to this, when I was a newbie APB felt too difficult as any player I encountered could wipe the floor with my bronze [REDACTED], and this is even more evident in silver districts which is home for a lot of de-rankers, so my first experience along with many others where like entering a game for the first time and putting it on hard, just shy of expert. When I joined APB, I joined along with 6 more steam friends to play as a group for the first time, convinced to try the game out thanks to Youtube videos and the customization options. I am the only one who stayed after all this time. All of them basically raged until uninstalling or found the grind of getting better not rewarding enough. I like to think that a bit more comprehensive matchmaking could help in this matter. For what I've seen there's 3 kinds of APB players. Old School experienced players, The usual transit of players who join and leave in a few days, and players like me. Silvers who are masochists and just play for fun despite dying in every corner, who are the ones who eventually become the expert players years down the line.... If I don't quit by then that is. I'm only here to have something to waste my time in in between works.
  4. I haven't received mine either, I completed the Love Lost Role about a day or so ago but didn't mind to check, today I decided to use the Quiver and nothing. It's not even there.
  5. I believe that the main problem here is that Ninjaripper need some really specific permissions. If LO made it so somehow Ninjaripper was not considered a cheat, just like in other games, people will start making cheats where it disguises itself as Ninjaripper, and since allowing Ninjaripper will require the anti-cheat to ignore so many specific permissions, a ton of cheats could be disguised by it. This has happened before to other games, where the problem is not allowing an harmless program in the game, is the [REDACTED] people who use it as a easy entry for new cheats. Now if there was an in game way to save your character or vehicles models to your pc, it could be a safer way... or even an open library for stock un-customized items. The only reason I haven't tried animating anything with APB is because the ripping process and risks where higher than the payoff. ... Plus I raged trying to get it to work.
  6. Exactly. At first you don't want to use them due to the limited amount. Then you learn to play the game without them, at the end you have a maxed out inventory of unused consumables and a spammed mailbox. Afraid of people spamming them? Cooldown the hell out of them. Afraid of everyone having access to such at any rank? Lock it behind rank progression. Long time ago I used to play this online game in which they fixed the problem pretty easily. They had a system where 5 kills in a row would have your health halved until you died. kill 5 more and now you had 1/4 of your max health. Killing yourself or being killed by your team did not wear it off. An opponent in this mode gained 25% more exp per kill and was shown in the map at all times just like NOT5, and killing him awarded you 2X cash and XP. This made it both exciting to enter this mode and to kill anyone on this mode. Also it had a cool gold fire aura effect to it. ANYWAYS, I'm not saying you guys should copy this method as it is flawed in many ways, but it is a good example, as eliminating Heat 5 completely brings other problems to the table. But let me say, I am happy to see the team push such updates, once up, even if bad, we can get a taste of it and tell the devs what sucked and what worked. I prefer this than no updates at all.
  7. This basically looks like the base of a project. You know, when you drop all the footage you have gathered and the music you want to work with before actually editing. But like Thanahr said: You obviously have somewhere to make videos, all you need now is to practice. What you did was a start. Way more than what most people even do. APB is not a good game to get interesting videos to use in montages, so the video should not revolve around the footage, the footage most revolve around a main idea. For the next one try these two things: 1. Sync the music beat with the shooting or kills. 2. Cut out parts where you are not doing anything or just running. Of course these ain't the only 2 things needed to improve, but you will see the difference. I make APB vids just for fun and so should everyone, don't take it that seriously. I mostly spend low brain power on it and leave a lot of things unfinished. It will be good practice for actual complicated videos on your future projects. Don't mind about stuff like: That's normal from her. Her whole thing is being edgy. Don't take it to heart. Can't wait what you do next, and how you progress. If anything feel free to message me. I'm more than glad to help.
  8. The only time I've found any EOL useful is when people are camping the objective on Asylum, and only if you know what you are doing, most people just try to use it and end up killing their whole team in the progress. EOL Kickback in tight areas with tons of people EOL Deep Impact for anti vehicle... or just fun kills (You know, when you throw some random grenade and somehow get a kill, just hope its not a TK) EOL Hammer same as kickback but a bit more frustrating Anyways, At the end of the day you'll just use it for a day or two and go back to your normal load-out when you realize your gun could had done better.
  9. I only play this as a hobby, have only played solo for 2 years in a row and have never reached gold in my life and yet I find it fun; PS I die 1/5 times. There's different type of people in this world, if you are not competitive or do not want to go trough the frustration of improving you can always: A. Wait till the matchmaking is able to pair you with players of same skill set. B. Play something else. Maybe you it could be related on where you are located? or on what servers you play? Currently my game is always over 100ms, most times 150ms to 200ms and yet, I don't see the "Yellows" teleporting.
  10. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. And trust me, there's a ton of stuff I always want to change and add after the upload. It's a shame. There's always next time at least.
  11. I had planned to do this post as soon as the video went up but my fat patootie decided to sleep trough the upload and 2 hours after that. None of these videos are monetized, I'm just hoping to bring some new players to the game overtime. Please do let me know what you think, I am open to any feedback. I would love to improve with each video, I love making these.
  12. I've only worked with Blender and Unity for like a year or so, and didn't even code games, just made assets and models for other people, and yet, for the small info I've seen both on streams and forums about how APB was made and how it works in regards with textures, modeling, etc, It is basically hell. A literal Cluster fuck. Not even with a AAA team i would had taken this as a project. I'm even surprised LO has been working on it 2 years and have gotten so far. For me, this is like a suicide mission. Yet I'm still hopeful, I've never seen anyone take such a task so I want to see how this turns out.
  13. I got an old laptop around with an i5, 16gb ram, and HD graphics 3000, and the game is pretty much unplayable. I have no idea how you even got 20fps.
  14. That either looks like LOD taking place, or the Rendering mode for the leaves not being set to cutout. Either way not a problem I believe.
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