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  1. Frags are fine the way they are. They are grenades not firecrackers. You put a grenade inside a room with people, they die. Stop trying to get my primary nerfed.
  2. The Atac is OP to starting players who are still not very experienced with other more advanced weapons. By learning to control your fire, and knowing what weapons to use depending on the current situation, you will soon realize that the ATAC is not really as good as it seamed compared to other weapons in the game. Coming from someone who has 3 of them thrown somewhere in the locker after impulse buying them when everyone kept killing me years ago.
  3. Colorblind here as well. Your case is probably different than mine, but here, I've found some tricks overtime and I hope this works: With some special applications that can edit your screen color's RBG separately (I use MSI's Dragoncenter Eyerest) you can change the contrast and brightness on specific colors, (Like increasing the brightness or contrast of greens only for example) making them easier to differentiate. (If you record gameplay with programs such as Shadowplay, It will not pick up MSI's settings, and will record the game normally, so you could even make content without the expense of your recording looking like trash) Also I've learned to memorize what the enemy is wearing as fast as possible. This doesn't work all the time, specially in seasonal events and fightclub, but it can give you some extra edge. APB is horrible to play if you can't even tell who the enemy is, hopefully these work for you as much as they have worked for me.
  4. Nerf weapon -> Players go to next best thing -> Players get killed by such new weapon of choice -> Repeat. 100% Weapon balance is not a reality for APB or any other game. Unless all weapons are clones of themselves, there will always be a weapon of choice for some advantageous reason, and that weapon will be considered the "OP" choice by players. We should just ban every weapon except nades. Watch the world burn.
  5. Consider the Advanced Launcher the borderline of what's allowed in regards of inner file changes. If the Advance Launcher does not allow it, consider it a TOS offense. Change any files at your own risk.
  6. What exactly was rolled back??? I am having weird lag spikes now compared to the day before the rollback. I thought it was me and even went so far to monitor my internet speed for 24h. It is fine in everything BUT Apb. I'll be testing it again soon with a brand new install and IP Reset. I've had about a half second delay to everything happening on game. Also packet loss mania.
  7. I have a monster PC yet this game goes from 200+FPS to what feels like -20FPS due to stutters. Also sometimes the game runs at under 70FPS and by restarting the game it goes back up. I really wouldn't expect APB to run smoothly. Just good enough to have fun.
  8. Zilsux

    A new threat level?

    Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Pink is NOT a recognizable qualification metal. But no, I do not believe this is a good idea, after all, Ranks are being worked on to eventually be eliminated.
  9. Zilsux

    Random tradelock

    Most games do not care about removing hardware, or any changes that doesn't really add anything new to your system or replaces stuff. Driver updates can happen in the background so to the normal eye, you might think you haven't done anything. Also re-plugging hardware without any real change while the system is OFF like taking a Ram stick out, cleaning the contacts and re-inserting it shouldn't trade lock you, but it sometimes does. My point is to show how random and unpredictable APB is with trade lock. The system does this so JIC you get hacked, they can't move your items for 3 days at least. There's no real why to stay away from trade locks, as it happens when APB detects that your last system info has changed in any way. But they do tend to be short, like in your case, 3 days. Best thing is to wait them out.
  10. Zilsux

    Random tradelock

    A lot of things can trade lock you. Even background driver updates. Hell, I get trade locked by removing stuff like hardware or even drivers. Last time I got trade locked was after my Nvidia app updated my GPU driver on the background, and my friend about a month ago got locked by Re-plugging his Ram. The best way to prevent this is by touching your PC as little as you can, both hardware and software wise if it means it might change anything that APB can detect.
  11. Zilsux

    Fr0g and .45

    You are right, The Fr0g should get a buff. a slight one to bring it up to the game. I had to play 4 days in a row Fr0g only and it was the weirdest experience Iv'e had with a pistol. The .45 stuff tho... meh. The .45 kills in 5 hits with a clip of 7 bullets. With this gun missing a shot is a sin. It does have a good ttk but at the cost of the player having to be skilled. (And have good RGN with all these latency spikes and weird hit-box behaviors) Also as infuriating the Fr0g is, I've been able to 1v3 and 1v2 with it without much panic. The .45 tho, as soon as 2 people come around the corner, unless their aim is wack, you will have to hit all those shots dead on and be lucky enough your life will be spared while reloading the remaining 3 shots. If anything the .45 could be greatly nerfed by removing one more bullet from its clip or by decreasing reload speed as killing more than 1 player at a time would prove to be even more of a challenge. In my opinion tho, .45 It's balanced enough, Fr0g needs love.
  12. Zilsux

    Weird symbol behavior

    Like I stated before, I'm pretty sure someone has to have seen this before due to how easy it is to replicate. ANYWAYS. Any symbol that has transparency (Being smoke in this case) by setting it in the bottom layer as an Invert mask and increasing its size results on a fire decal. I have used it in my creations and it's a weird little thing you can do for no reason.
  13. The game is full of these little stuff and problems. Like a month ago I found a way to get a hidden symbol in the creator which I don't know how to do in any other symbols than the one it happened in. It is weird shit. I'll try to find it today and upload it to the forums since I forgot to do so when I found it. Pretty sure someone out there have found it too, it ain't that hard to do.
  14. 2018 player here. Here is my personal opinion on the matter. APB like any other game has a learning curve, where pro and experienced players can take new players down in groups. Due to this, when I was a newbie APB felt too difficult as any player I encountered could wipe the floor with my bronze [REDACTED], and this is even more evident in silver districts which is home for a lot of de-rankers, so my first experience along with many others where like entering a game for the first time and putting it on hard, just shy of expert. When I joined APB, I joined along with 6 more steam friends to play as a group for the first time, convinced to try the game out thanks to Youtube videos and the customization options. I am the only one who stayed after all this time. All of them basically raged until uninstalling or found the grind of getting better not rewarding enough. I like to think that a bit more comprehensive matchmaking could help in this matter. For what I've seen there's 3 kinds of APB players. Old School experienced players, The usual transit of players who join and leave in a few days, and players like me. Silvers who are masochists and just play for fun despite dying in every corner, who are the ones who eventually become the expert players years down the line.... If I don't quit by then that is. I'm only here to have something to waste my time in in between works.
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