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  1. I may be misusing the word 'reskin'. If 2 weapons have the exact same stats I'll call one a reskin of the other one
  2. Just checked on apbdb and the Wisp is in fact a reskin of the Dog Ear
  3. It is indeed, aren't they the same, stats-wise? Like euryale and stheno, it's just a reskin so people who actually paid still have something unique
  4. Oh, so you'd say Last Stand is better than GM? this kinda settled it tho but I might get the ACT for my next purchase
  5. Hi everyone. I can't quite decide what weapon I want from the Joker Store. My options are: Dog Ear OCA Whisper Showstopper ACT 44 Golden Marksman I'm pretty covered as to different weapon types and situations (I've got: Nano; Reaper; Ursus; Volcano; Ogre; Watchman; Strife; Euryale). Maybe I'm lacking a long distanve secondary and that's why I'm considering the ACT but tbh it sounds like the most boring choice. What would you recommend? Any suggestions that aren't among my options welcome! (As long as they're not the Strife or the Euryale since I already got those from the Joker Store)
  6. I'm argentinian and I went from 180ms to 150ms on Jericho actually prepara tu ano >:D
  7. O podes chequear la pagina will.io/apb para ver el estado del server, no te parece?
  8. Same here, already sent a ticket, I hope it gets fixed
  9. Tired of using a nano when my primary is used for cqc or mid rangecombat anyways. I don't know how good the RFP is after the nerf. Any suggestion welcomed, legendaries and armas included
  10. Character: Zatro Server: Jericho I've always loved how good the Strife's default skin goes with my outfit
  11. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I guess I'll go for the amg, it wsa already on my mind before posting this and it got some mentions here too I'd go for a carbine/oscar if I was good with semis but I'm not As for the osmaw, I don't feel like spending 10k jt on a contact weapon, I dont find the slots thaaat useful tbh. Also not a fan of the rockets' price
  12. Thanks for the insight but the question actually was what Joker Ticket weapon I should get . Those are the non-contact weapons I already own so I don't get recommended weapons that are too similar to them
  13. Hey guys, first of all sorry if this isn't the appropriate subforum. So right now I'm farming JT but I don't really have a goal in mind, I just wanna grind them and buy something. What are your opinions on the JT store guns? Any that you would consider is a must get? This is totally subjective, I also wouldn't like to buy a weapon if I already have one that can do its job, whether it does it better or worse, I prefer variety. These are my weps: Watchman Nano Volcano Reaper Ursus Strife
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