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  1. Like i’ve said 2 or 3 hits to kill not 1 and yes crims are left behind not a single thing that make the faction “special”
  2. Do you have some source so i could see it plz
  3. Of course they can but those are very different guns and it’s not everyone who can get 30k JT
  4. Osmaw and o-pgl can not be added to armas its a “end game weapon” for sure nobody want to see newbies playong wt demolition weapons
  5. The game needs new minds working on it :( they should open space to junior designers,programmers etc
  6. Finally someone who understands me, when i say melee is not like rb6,cs:go..etc you hit the enemie 1x and he dies. Knife would need 3 hits to kill someone. And bigger swords like a katana would make you go slow but kill wt 2 hits. We already have throwing stuff like 8ball and a brick,why not a throwing knife ? Just a little more imagination and the game can be a lot better we already having the engine upgrade but that’s not enough the game needs : new mods new missions new maps new events more marketing with real influencers more money (lol) etc etc HUGE CHANGES the concept of APB is amazing a very competitive game and i belive somehow someday it will become one of the biggests games like fortnite or COD idk I’ve been playing since 2012 never saw it
  7. Well its really sad because implementing new ways to kill would be great but if an EMP grenade is coming i will not stop dreaming
  8. Hello everyone it’s been a while since i’ve been thinking on new items,weapons and modification that the developpers could add to the game so we can have more options of strategy into opposed missions. Imagine being possible to flashbang enemies or “slice them into pieces” (lol) Melee weapons would be an awesome thing, for sure a lot of persons already had the same thaugts like me, lets try to get this seen. List of items: - Katana - Knifes - Flash grenades - Molotov - Gas grenades Would you like to see those items in the game ? Suggest some other items
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