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  1. You can't tell if someone is friend or enemy when they have a red and green tag. You freeze for a second trying to figure it out every time.
  2. I have it and it works great. The game looks a lot better. Before reshade: https://pasteboard.co/IuLPbc2.jpg After reshade: https://pasteboard.co/IuLPpGX.jpg
  3. I'd like to see more original type missions created by the new management. Like for example a mission where a team of crims are tasked with robbing a bank that is filled with npcs and the enforcers have to stop them while taking out as few citizens as possible. Citizens taken out by the crims doesn't count against them. The more money the crims steal after the timer is up, the more money they get after the match. The better crim to civilian kill ratio means more pay for the enforcer. Like 8 crims and only 1 civ would give that enforcer a good payday. Thus is why it would not be in the crims best interest to kill civs either, because less civs for the enforcers to avoid means less meat shields for you to use. Plus by taking out all the civs for the enforcer you will just be giving those enforcers a bigger payday after the mission, win or lose.
  4. The N-tech is more of the most rewarding weapons to get good with in the game. It's easy to pick up and use, but requires skill to get it right. It's just down to practice. You have to first learn the best firing rate with your taps at varying distances. Then keep a level head enough in combat, no matter how heated it gets, to continue that speed of tapping while aiming and trying to out position the other guy.
  5. Really every weapon in the game can feel OP if someone has really good aim and has mastered how to use it.
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