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  1. You literally complained to me gold people shouldnt be playing in silver, and that all of us are hacker. 

    1 hour ago, Kestrain said:

    I watched a Gold Detreat, go into WF Bronze the other day, and trash a few new players. 

    Waterfront bronze is dead asf, thats why you went to silver lmao then complain that rank 255 shouldnt be in silver district, why else do you think silver players and bronze players play in bronze? why dont they play in silver where silver belongs


    1 hour ago, Kestrain said:

    it's hard to "git gud" When the weapons you have aren't shit

    We were using volcs, you toldus to put away, I was being nice and put it away, and use guns you could buy in contact like carbine and ntecs, but guess your weapon, obeya 3 slot arent shit 

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