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  1. Does it kill with two shots? for a person without Kevlar please reply if it still does kill in 2 shots it’s not going to get nerfed right? Im deciding on getting one. And also can you run around while hip firing it without any damage reduction?
  2. I have been eyeing the weapon skins in armas and the gold one has caught my interest is the gold one compatible with the ogre or any other legendaries? also what weapon skins is available for the ogre and condor that can be bought off armas? please reply
  3. can you bring back the 3 slot ffa again xbox players barely have any for sale.
  4. it would be nice if there was mounties/yukons with silencers
  5. i was just wondering i remember in one of scott's posts he mentioned that they will be bringing in two new hairstyles
  6. can someone make a video on the new shotgun ive been searching on youtube and could not find any reviews for it
  7. It would be nice to have hair that can move also i see gravity in the game especially when you use the volcano while firing the flames move.
  8. Whatever it was fine in the first place before that pellet system
  9. How do you think i feel about my ogre i am glad your ridiculous ntec is getting nerfed that's what you all get for even mentioning about my ogre.
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