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  1. A moderator can close this post thank you for your time.
  2. Does anyone have a yukon for sale I have 1.6 million in game for some reason everyone is trying to sell me other weapons. I feel like a lot of players on xbox feel threatened by the fact that I am looking to buy a yukon I don't know why it's so difficult to get one nowadays.
  3. I sell extended magazine 3's and bandoliers 3 along with cooling jacket 3 and reflex sight 3 and on the console I don't think people know how to use those options.
  4. It just amazes me how some players are either very lazy or don't care about spending or just don't know about going through each page on the marketplace in game to check for cheaper mods. I sell many weapon mods and I dislike the fact that there's other players selling the same mods I sell but for a more expensive price I dislike that there is scalpers on this game. You people should put a price check option or put an option to display more affordable options for identical products but just have prices compared for best deals. I've lost so many sales because of this and because for some reason people don't like to go through each page to check for the best prices I offer compared to other players.
  5. I see some npcs using it however I don't see why us players can't use it I don't think it would be hard to add in just one hair color to the character customization please make this happen im getting bored switching between black and blonde and brown the other colors look awful to me and the burgundies don't even look like burgundies when it hits the light.
  6. wasn't this weapon buffed a while ago if I remember I think I read something from the last updates a while ago that it had it's spread reduced or something please reply I can't find any current day videos on the cap 40 also it would be nice if there was more current day videos on the ogre too. I come from console and I would like to know what we might end up getting in the future. https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2020/9/11/weapon-balance
  7. Can a moderator please close this post I already found what I needed thank you.
  8. Also what was the hazardous like years ago? I heard it was super op to begin with then they nerfed it and now they reduced the recoil again? I own a hazardous however I am on the console we haven't received any updates I just hope this is a good investment.
  9. Does anyone have it? I heard that the weapon has had a 50 percent recoil reduction is the recoil like the ogre's recoil or like the yukon? which weapon has the similar recoil to the hazardous can someone also make a video on the new hazardous buff please reply. Also I would gladly appreciate it if someone can tell me the history of the hazardous of how it first performed when it first came out and how op it was to begin with to how it performed when it was nerfed to now also please compare this new updated version to the first pre-nerfed hazardous.
  10. I have a condor and ursus along with a nano and colby commander. I even have a sitting duck too please contact me on forums messages if anyone is interested to negotiate your best offers I am on the Xbox North American server. Thank you for your time.
  11. Can a moderator please close this topic I will be re-listing a new topic thank you.
  12. My only issue is that they should buff flak jacket more in order to combat this issue or issues like these.
  13. so this player in asylum earlier on my team was doing nothing just running around and giving kills to the opposing team is this punishable? To my surprise they are not new at the game is this a case that can be reported?
  14. Takes one to know one. Oh really? how come the software back then that was first used to make this game and it was considered state of the art at the time made the outcome bad for this game? Get real better software is a better investment. Why don't you challenge your own theory and make apb better yourself I'm guessing you're good at developing video games and such?
  15. Look I understand your team at Little Orbit is under enough pressure as it is. But you people at Little Orbit need to remake this game right now just restart all over please for the sake of the community and for the sake of many people's sanity. You're all working with super outdated coding along with files I know you get that comment a lot but right now all I see is these files and this whole program is just one big monster consuming your time and energy along with money. However you get little or nothing when you invest a lot of time/resources through patching up some of these fixes. You have the right's to the game and the concept I don't understand why you people can't get good investors or better 3D programs such as maya, autodesk, 3ds max along with adobe photoshop or whatever new software and technology out there that is good to develop video games. Also I read video game credits and some of the most decent to really good video games out there have a lot of names under programmers and animators along with designers and coders. I don't know how big or how small your team is but you either need to hire more people who know what they're doing or you need to back track to see who is actually falling behind or maybe the current staff you have is good however they might need more support.(hire more people) There's a lot of side tracking going on that's fine but will there ever be a resolution? Whoever bought this game did you think maybe the solution is to restart all over? I feel like there's some things that is out of reach for you people. My solution look I don't mind for you people setting up a go fund me page or accepting donations. As long as you can come up with a good ethical plan that seems rational at the same time(other than this current plan going on). Yeah I could buy some things from armas to support you but get real I barely play this game anymore and I feel like if you gave us a very good reason and a good second plan to support you through donations then that would make more sense. Also it could attract other people outside of the game to see the potential that this could have. At least consider it I'm sure even the smallest amount of donations or spare change could add up to make a difference. Because right now it seems like I bought out all the 99 g1c items. To be realistic I wouldn't be surprised if this game needs more money from thousands to millions of dollars gta 5 needed 265 million dollars in order to develop the game. Because it seems like most of the investment goes to buying the rights of the game instead of the game itself. I know this may seem grubby but focus more on unsung story,fallen earth and descent I am guessing you have right's over those games and get profit from that too right? Also focus on other titles of games too and make more things for them in order to profit off of them. Get some of that leftover money and put it towards apb and then invest it back if all goes well. Just keep focusing more on social and asylum along with Baylan get rid of the other districts if theyre giving you that much trouble during this time. Just remake those other problematic maps. I feel like we all could survive off the fight club districts alone with social for a year and maybe that could help save you more time and resources to focus on other things. I know some people want to progress in the game why can't you move financial/waterfront contacts to the fight club districts for the time being. I don't know but maybe you guys should consider this you seem like you're juggling too many tasks at once. I personally could live with just baylan and social district alone. Merged. Or better yet why don't you guys bring in smaller maps such as the beacon.
  16. Can you please consider buffing flak jacket to reduce up -45% explosion damage to -50% or at least -55% grenades and explosive weapons such as the opgl and car bombs are no joke and sometimes I feel like they get spammed a lot especially if there's a whole group of people using them at the same time against just one single person you people should consider this.
  17. I am willing to negotiate your best offers for both of my weapons I am on the North American server xbox.
  18. can we have the option to carry a third weapon such as pistols or firework launchers how about putting in dual wield option too
  19. Is this normal for all platforms including pc? because for some reason on xbox apb most districts including social district is being booted off 90 percent of the time. I feel like the xbox community is being neglected and how come all the other platforms get monitored more? or have better district maintenance because this issue is so severe on xbox it's no joke that the social district is offline for like many days and when it comes back it gets booted off in less then a couple of hours this is ridiculous and no wonder why the xbox apb economy is not thriving since people can't access social to make purchases. Why do I feel like I am being punished for being an xbox player I wouldn't be surprised if pc or playstation doesn't have to put up with what me and xbox apb players have to put with everyday.
  20. PureDiva

    Please read this.

    This is starting to get ridiculous social district is being booted off on xbox and for some reason the other districts are up and sometimes only one district is up little orbit has to investigate this issue. For god's sake monitor the xbox more I feel like the xbox is being neglected non stop and no staff does anything about the districts being booted off I'm really losing my patience since this has been going on for weeks/months now. It seems like you have hostile players who are taking more authority then the new owners of this game which is terrible. Not just that but the social district is really important for the apb's xbox economy but since it's down like 90 percent of the time the economy on the xbox apb is downgrading severely. Or at least bring the market place kiosks to the mission districts along with the clothing kiosks.
  21. Does it kill with two shots? for a person without Kevlar please reply if it still does kill in 2 shots it’s not going to get nerfed right? Im deciding on getting one. And also can you run around while hip firing it without any damage reduction?
  22. I have been eyeing the weapon skins in armas and the gold one has caught my interest is the gold one compatible with the ogre or any other legendaries? also what weapon skins is available for the ogre and condor that can be bought off armas? please reply
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