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  1. over 1 year, no fixes from LO. great.
  2. add heaps of ramps to the map, put cars in (especially sports cars including rare 4x4 vegas's) then just add more stuff to the map and fix camping (really easily to hide on a roof or random corner to surprise ppl, whereas in mission district u can predict which roofs people will camp the objective) Merged. TLDR riot becomes racing district
  3. ok this is epic, deleting riot is most popular choice. #deleteriot
  4. they should do armas sale and then immediately after do a ban wave, ez cash
  5. the not hitting targets im aiming directly at and my game stuttering constantly is also a key element to succeeding in apb
  6. yea it was bypassed already, and no1 has been banned yet. citadel seems far more cancerous than jericho. although jericho is dead due to server problems. jericho has hackers in FC everyday however.
  7. been >1 year of lag and you haven't fixed it at all? worse than g1.
  8. remove riot mode, that is all yes riot doesnt even have any vision, its just "BR". if i want BR ill play minecraft hunger games or fortnite, or some other shit. not apb, apb is made for mission districts.
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