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  1. i miss winning games not because the playerbase is dead, but because i wasnt lagging
  2. i keep getting mexicans even though its american server, and they are no good teammates... they just dethreating everytime
  3. jsut go to twitch tv and u can watch cheaters everyday on apb... u can even see clips of them showing cheats blatantly. still not banned
  4. if they made anyone useful a gm, all the cheaters wouldve gotten banned already. i could ban over half the cheaters in one sitting if i was gm
  5. along with making all of these mods available to players <r195 matt u should remove limited lease contact weapons, because its pay2win
  6. so my 5 shot kill JG will now be 7-8 shots to kill? epic 3 low yields are way better to spam at players and not having grenades means enemies will be infinitely more inclined to spam nades at you because ur defenceless concs are useless because high burn + kev3 cars + slow asf to throw + dont even hurt big cars + people can just exit cars in <1 seconds and shoot u while u hold the grenade like a smart and then tbag u Merged. 40m is the current dropoff and 1.05 TTK is the current TTK. matt wrote something wrong. rfp does WAY too much damage in 1 burst (399 damage) which is why its cancerous, its basically better than obir cos its lightweight
  7. will LO ban the 20 or 30 odd cheaters on twitch.tv apb section? emp is a gimmick to make kids grind new contacts and buy premium to do so
  8. Is the population dropping due to that cheaters ain't getting banned? yes, and because they unbanned cheaters Is it dropping because we almost keep versing 24/7 the same peoples? yes and no Is it the communication between LO and the community? yes, LO sucks and doesnt even play their own game(s) ..or just cause of that the "Eninge Upgrade" is not getting live. no, no1 cares about engine upgrade its cringe bro. for example minecraft got updated and no1 even likes the new minecraft
  9. no substantive answers from u, just nonsense all u have said is 'ur wrong because ur wrong' https://streamable.com/7ojgi
  10. "no need to elaborate" the people of apb will decide if either u or i have the highground, sorry but facts dont care about ur feelings it is clear that mattscott meant he doesnt want to lose a player because he views us as statistics
  11. i see more hackers everyday now yes they are all low iq but i prefer to vs low iq people who arent cheating mattscott has done nothing to address cheaters infact he openly supports cheaters viewing them only as dollar bills because he has some warped perception of video games mattscott u can still do a 180 on this issue if u want apb to see the light of day and actually put some effort into issuing bans there is a monolith of evidence of cheaters, this idea that we have insufficient video evidence of someone who has been banned 30 times by fairfight prior is proof u have a mental blockage when hearing the words cheater the ceo of apb shouldnt be a cheater defender have some guts pls thx
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