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  1. They learned how to use the tools to edit and make game modes, made a new weapon and learned how to edit weapons, made new clothes and symbols, learned how much of a pain the actual server hardware and systems are to maintain and modify when things broke, ran that decently fun puzzle website thing, etc... Matt has been on top of getting customer support down to a more reasonable response time compared to how G1 ever was, and tries to keep us up to date with the engine progress more than G1 ever did.


    Was everything perfect? God no. Riot while interesting as a concept failed very hard, the Nekrova merge was painful for alot of people, server performance has been a mess (but is getting better imo), weapon balance has been very up and down on their changes.


    In the end, while they may not have anything amazing and shiny you can go brag to your friends about to make them want to play APB, they've put alot of effort into the foundation for new and better things and hopefully it will be smooth sailing towards what we all want from the game. I think they did OK.

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  2. I haven't actively played APB on a daily basis since early 2016, but I hopped on to try out Riot and honestly it was okay. I played two matches and won both of them.

    My only complaints:

    1. Respawning directly behind other players after you just killed them/died by them

    2. The lack of any kind of audio. When I wasn't in a shootout, there was an empty void of silence except for me running and swapping camera shoulders.

    3. There isn't enough of a population on Jericho to honestly support Riot as a new game mode. We can't even fill up the normal districts as it is. 😞


    If the Engine upgrade ends up allowing the population to boom and most of the players stick around, I think Riot would be neat as an alternative to just mindless TDM in Fight Club

  3. 1 hour ago, CaptainSloth2Guns said:

    It certainly has me interested to why someone keeps information and screenshots from so many years ago and also guesses my email name from a forum thread!

    Now that is savvy.

    I have screenshots dated back to 2012 of various random things.


    Like I mentioned in my second post, very few people have posted their APB account information on the forums (that I have witnessed). The chances that you were the one whose account I obliterated after posting the information was pretty high so I looked back at my screenshots for the email and asked and you confirmed. I am not affiliated with G1 nor LO.


    You posted the information of your own accord, and in G1's eyes your account was null and void the moment you did so which is why it was banned. If G1 had cared enough to do anything else but ban the account and look into anyone who logged into it afterwards, they would not have been able to punish me in any meaningful way anyways.


    The stream would be over three years old so of course it doesn't exist anymore. It wasn't on my current Twitch account nor my original Twitch account, and I know this because I can still log into it.


    There's plenty of evidence of who I am and everything I've done in this game on the internet, but none of it matters to LO as long I don't do them ever again. 😄

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  4. 1 minute ago, CaptainSloth2Guns said:

    I only wanted my account back as I had done some nice designs "my opinion" also had the high level characters.

    If it was deleted I definitely won't be loosing any sleep about it at all.

    To have the information as you do I'm guessing you work for LO or  need to get a life.

    Cheers for the info.




    When puush was going down the gutter I downloaded all of my uploaded images in a large .zip and saved it on my PC. For as long as I've played this game, I tend to remember just about everything strange I've done in it which included murdering your account and taking a picture of it lol


    I actually have a feeling I streamed it too but I'm sure that's long gone as well...

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  5. 1 hour ago, CaptainSloth2Guns said:


    LOL. You have got me guessing and yes that was the one. I'm interested to know how you remembered and guessed it was me! Such a long time ago indeed.

    There have been very few incidents where someone posts their account information on the forums and I, not having any of my accounts to lose around that time, went ahead and mauled that account immediately. I'm 99% sure I changed the email to a throwaway generated email and a gibberish password, then proceeded to delete everything in-game until I was booted offline when it was banned.

    I very highly doubt LO will be able to recover any of the character data unless G1 restored it to before you gave the account away... Sorry lol


    I only remembered the email/pw because I managed to screenshot the Google search result of the thread right after it was deleted. This picture is from 05/19/2016


  6. Character texture resolution is limited to 1024x0124, which is why the more clothes you add to a character the lower-quality the whole thing becomes because it has to squish every part of your character into the same sized square. I think even bumping that up to 2048x2048 would make a big difference but that's also more 2x more bandwidth for every player on the server, and 2x more memory for the player, 4x if you include bumping up the normal maps with them. They're just textures though, so it's not actually that big of a deal with modern hardware and networking.

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  7. Even with my history, my accounts are still intact even with my inactivity and changing hardware, so unless you magically tripped some sort of account-theft prevention system (if there is one), you probably did something stupid again just as you always have before your inactivity. You gave G1/RP plenty of reasons to not want you in their community anymore.

  8. From my own personal experience, if you're having a bad time with a video game and you can't stop yourself from coming back, just get yourself banned a couple dozen times and eventually you'll lose interest for a year or two.


    You can ask support to block your account to make it easier to come back to later instead of getting banned as a punishment for being toxic.



  9. 11 hours ago, Sayori said:

    As far as I remember LO themselves banned the will.io "bots" at some point ?


    Remember when MrEpicGoat used to spam whispers from hundred accounts at once? That's how it worked lol.


    Incorrect, that is not how the whisper spam was created.

    They were actual APB accounts with verified emails you can log in-game with connecting from a single PC and not a website/server.

    G1 did not, and LO probably still does not limit the number of connections from a single IP, allowing one to emulate the APB login process with potentially thousands of accounts within seconds and do various things a normal game client could. G1 however made new accounts unable to whisper from the Lobby screen for some amount of time thus preventing the end of days via whisper spamming.


    I still have a list of 800 accounts (banned or not I don't currently care to check) that were used back then to have fun with. :classic_ninja:


  10. Every time you log into APB, you're sending a massive list of hardware names and versions from your computer to the login server in basically a super long string of text.


    This data includes things like your motherboard bios version. The entire HWID structure for APB can be found via Google.


    100% of it can be falsified (only G1/LO know if they have any sort of detection for inconsistent HWID data for a single account) but you can still log in just fine. There are HWID bans (as I've been on the receiving end of one in 2012), but they're completely unreliable just like IP banning someone.

  11. 7 hours ago, Snubnose said:
    yea but that's the old kind of speedhack that was fixed by RP some time ago...
    right now, every "speedhacker" is just lag switching, which makes you warp faster than anyone else, because the server isn't handling lag well (it should reset your position instead of skipping).
    when my poor internet connection is lagging out (because of high loads of upload) I also warp around, therefore kinda speedhack since I'm faster than anyone else... (getting better internet connection in 2 days, yay)

    Fixed? The most infamous cheater had proof otherwise even up until BE was rolled out. The only thing RP 'fixed' was removing names from things and doing some weird obfuscation of objects back in late 2017 that broke his last public version. He probably had a still working version of it after BE, and there's likely still people who know what they're doing that can do the same. Maybe the 3.5 unification or maybe even 4.0 such an exploit won't be possible. APB isn't the only Unreal-based game that can be exploited with it as well.
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  12. 6 hours ago, swft said:

    Speedhacking is achieved through slowing down the rate at which you send/receive packets thus creating artificial lag. It's not about the server performance at all, and I'm positive most people know who Frosi was referring to. Yes, it is possible that people can look like they are speedhacking when they are just lagging but, when you can consistently do it at any time you want, then you know something is up.

    Also, this is done using programs which are not classified as cheats or disallowed programs, hence why BattlEye isn't even batting an eye (but FairFight should).

    What you described is essentially a lag-switch.

    The ACTUAL speedhack in APB is a modification of the client that makes it 'tick' faster, which then makes you move super fast because your movement isn't currently fact-checked on the server for some reason. It also makes your animations play back faster than they should, though it still takes the same amount of time for events to happens such as actually reloading or being allowed to drive a vehicle after 'entering' it. You don't see speedhackers time warping in vehicles because vehicle movement is actually server-side.
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  13. 8 minutes ago, Westford said:

    Good commentary.... thank you.


    I have been curious as to how one selects an appropriate acount to login "as",

    if that particular individual has more than...... let's say 53 accounts from rerolls.



    Hmmmm    ???


    I have 800+ banned accounts under my IP potentially. I still only have one "main" account which is my current forum account. It takes a few hours to find some of my other non-throwaway accounts and regain email and G1 access to them. Fun stuff....

  14. Just now, Chinook said:

    Taking away some monopoly money shouldn't really be something to start crying over, if you're given a new chance with your account that has potentially hundreds of dollars worth of real money purchases. Yes it may suck for someone who has potentially been banned for no reason, but then again, quite a few bans have happened and I'd like to think that they have mostly been for actual reasons, yet almost nobody has come to forums and say "sorry, I've done bad things"...


    I'm one of the few that has, actually. Though TiggsSquad on the old forums often deleted everything I posted.

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  15. 11 minutes ago, Majiik said:

    Sure, the old forums accounts should be un-banned and let you in again.

    Awesome! I can confirm that I can log in, though the private message section link(s) are missing. The 'Notifications' link is there, though it's missing the text/image to tell you it's there.


    Is there a generic link to hop to the private messages section I could try since it's session based? If that works it would be faster than trying to fix the forum's settings itself I'd imagine.


    Thank you!


    --Quick Edit


    It may or may not matter as well that I have various 'banned' statuses amongst a few accounts. This one in particular is considered 'not active' when visiting my profile, while others do not have permission to view the forums or just simply couldn't make posts at the time.


    I may have made someone mad once and felt their fury over time. 🐉

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