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  1. 10 hours ago, WestSidez said:

    Damn that curse spreading around these lands... 


    For people having character loading issues, we are well aware of the situation and will be making further changes over time to improve this. The best thing I have done when my characters don't load, would be too wait up too 3 minutes, if still no character appears, re-log and that normally does the trick for me. I don't believe verifying files and stuff like that will improve the situation as it could be a character data transfer slowness from the database to your character select screens. 


    Im sure when there is more information on the whole issue, Matt and the staff will keep all of you well informed. But for now, looks like the game is running smoother and if you have any questions, please let me know. 

    Everything's been spiffy keen for me today.


    I'm fair sure my problem yesterday was just a pesky gremlin that wanted to trick me into shaming myself by whining in public.

  2. I'm calling Shenanigans!


    When everyone else was having problems with their character not showing up when they logged in,  my character was right there, pretty as you please.


    Now, when everyone else is all good to go, my character's not showing up.


    Who put the curse on me?


    Ahh. There it is. The curse just needed me to whine in public for it to be fixed.

  3. 4 minutes ago, WestSidez said:

    😂 what will this protection cover me from though?!

    Oh, the usual. 


    you'll be protected from being processed into food product, building material, medical waste, you know, the usual.

    Oh, and you get 5% off on taxes.

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  4. 32 minutes ago, WestSidez said:

    Next thing I know, you open up an online store selling grilled cheese sandwich's and take all my money to fund your evil empire.

    I had not even considered that!


    When I take over the world, with the help of your idea, you will receive the protection of minion status as a gift.

  5. 1 hour ago, zefcool said:

    i'm looking forward to this, the sooner the better, that should also make the daily maintenance duration shorter right ? and should give you the time to rewrite the backend to finally replace that old piece of junk you bought from G1 at the next scrap facility.





    That G1 junk should make an appearance in FE as an end game level boss mob.

  6. I haven't played FE enough to make any FE specific ideas but just from years of mmo-ing...


    If gear is locked to faction, i'll lead to constant cries of OP this and nerf that and so on. 


    I like the idea of AI patrol of faction zones.


    And instead of faction specific currency, how about a percent tax added to buying outside of faction/alliance?

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