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  1. I couldnt help myself but all this talk pvp and factions. Yes pvp is good and factions could get their meaning back. But it wont fix anything while constantly get backstabbed by multitoons. Best way to fix it is to let only 3 toon slot not 50. There isnt point make faction based clan or pvp if so many alts running around. Game is dying cause of that ,new content players wont last cause toddlers " pvp".
  2. What happend to server ,is it maint. ??
  3. Nice ,thank you Matt as always for updates.
  4. still waiting update ,dont wanna rush the guys but updates would be nice .
  5. yeah lets wait when Matt gives update .
  6. sit and wait thats all we can do right now.
  7. Im glad to see, LO doing much better work than G1 ever did, respect.
  8. anyone willing to share FE discord ?
  9. how long does that maint. last ?
  10. i did and even re installed game still same . But ok will see maybe we need new maint. ok 2min waiting then works fine thank you all
  11. Anyone else having problems, when character selection your character wont appear ? Takes 5 times to log in and logg off it to appear.
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