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  1. All I see that APB here and there updates etc. Matt could update true FE fans about progress. Hate to be in the dark and not know. Yes I know all takes times and wont get done overnight, still updates are welcome.
  2. I hope APB makes enough money so ittle Orbit can make Fallen Earth reboot . Hopefully FE wont die or thrown into corner and forgotten. Lets be honest it was great game and still are in my opinion despite some bug issues , lag and dupers.
  3. Been looking game like Fallen Earth what contains deep crafting system, rpg elements  and good storyline.  Game without micro transactions  so you can pay and win .  Fallen Earth was old game but this game was the only game out there that  wasnt  like that kinda game.  I hope that Little Orbit wont drop that project in to corner and forget about it. 


    I was fan to this game since day i saw it i steam and still are . Hope to see Fallen Earth  back as it was The best rpg MMO ever made.

  4. Any  updates about FE 2.0 progress ? Would like to know how LO making progress about it ? 

  5. Sounds like a plan ,fingers crossed FE 2.0 launch soon
  6. If its possible let game run untill new version is done. People love this game and its best one out there. So this has few bugs and bit laggy .Dont care about those really . Just like to hang around wasteland ,craft , talk other players and enjoy the lore.
  7. Returned Fallen Earth ,game is worse than before everday lag . Maintance works for 12 h maybe. When we get fixed and more stable game? . 

  8. 1.07 same problem server start lagging , charcter loading screen is bugged cant see my character again. Sometimes 10 min waiting and i see my toon ,sometimes not. This problem we now have almost 2 months make new players leave. Only ones are left old players a handful of players. Little Orbit team ,cant you do something about it ? Yes we have everyday maintance but this wont fix this loading screen problem .
  9. I couldnt help myself but all this talk pvp and factions. Yes pvp is good and factions could get their meaning back. But it wont fix anything while constantly get backstabbed by multitoons. Best way to fix it is to let only 3 toon slot not 50. There isnt point make faction based clan or pvp if so many alts running around. Game is dying cause of that ,new content players wont last cause toddlers " pvp".
  10. What happend to server ,is it maint. ??
  11. Nice ,thank you Matt as always for updates.
  12. still waiting update ,dont wanna rush the guys but updates would be nice .
  13. yeah lets wait when Matt gives update .
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