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  1. Every good thing takes time, I belive Little Orbit return back Fallen Earth and we get good game. Hopefully their other projects get done soon . And for people I get it some are frustrated for waiting so long , about progress and etc. But trash talk wont help either and speeds up progresss whats about to make in future. Good day to You all Wastelanders.
  2. Yeah I know , hopefully we all can roam again in Grand canyon wasteland .
  3. i know this maybe not best place but can someone invite me to FE discord . Thank you
  4. Maybe , there is nothing solid . We have to wait and see thats all I can say . I know people waiting progress about reboot including me . Cheer up its not end of the world.
  5. Level 60 could be max level when reboot launches and unfinished sectors could have more content for max level players. Also I wanna point about factions reputation , honestly it could be more rewarding instead grinding points . Then you can actually use faction gear , what can be obtained at lvl 20 after that it goes harder when higher level . More balanced reputation system would be good. Then you can actually feel its rewarding and wanna use faction gear . Yes i know faction gear is not good and GT rules but there are people who like that gear and like role play and dont wanna bore themselves with pvp. Also not all can afford cosmetic slot , so it could be good i think. I know i liked to use faction gear . It was diffrent from endgame GT suits.
  6. RN86

    Heretic, F**k yeah!!!

    I wanted add , what I want to see in FE reboot is definetly pistol holster . Then when you wear pistols on legs it looks much more realistic. Maybe LO could add backpack in crafting system too not just the one in cosmetic ,what you can purchase from store.
  7. If I were LO, I would make Fallen Earth as main project Lets be honest players want game like this, mostly because people as fascinated of world what is destroyed. And when you have total freedom there, my god what else you need. I wont get tired saying FE was and still is best game out there. Better make this instead APB and Unsung story , add more content , fix issues what was there years and voila you have best game ever.
  8. Fresh start would be nice and higer level cap. Because I remember when players grinded lvl 55 in a week or less, then all went boring to them. I say lvl 100 and maybe some new content in end game . Level 100 , because then we dont have to see so many alts running around xD
  9. Waiting FE too , I payed xbow melee and kicked bosses and masters alone without backup. All you need was decent armor and calibration. Plus always tried to keep gear level you are. Adding , there was no perfect build , play as you like and not to let suck fun out of it
  10. If vaccine takes years to  develop against new enemy , i doubt we see Fallen Earth as a game  but we might see it in real life.  When COVID-19  struck all Europe ,well we saw what happens when we lose control and start panic.   Lets hope it wont go that way .

  11. True same here .
  12. Was posted in official twitter Fallen Earth page. · Mar 8 Sorry for the lack of updates. We've been swamped with a number of other projects that are getting close to shipping. But the team can't wait to jump back into Fallen Earth.
  13. RN86


    True Rubbermade , hope to see you in FE reboot lands .
  14. I would recommend Fallen Earth remastered, because new engine and etc.
  15. RN86


    Hello. I was just curious about current state of Fallen Earth, because it was and still are best game out there today. I know You are very busy about others games at the moment what are in progress but can You least tell us does Fallen Earth sees daylight again.? It is in my opinion best project what your company bought from previous owners. Hopefully You have time to answer my question . best regards Raul Quote Edit Report reply MattScott 9870 Replied: January 16 Hi there, I believe Fallen Earth will see daylight again. We are still in the R&D (Research and Development) phase of porting various mechanics, so it is still very early in development. But I should be able to post progress shots soon. Stay tuned to the forums and our twitter feed. Thanks, Matt
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