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Announcement: Punkbuster Kicks Posted by Revoemag



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If you are finding yourself being kicked repeatedly by Punkbuster, please try the following steps to resolve the issue, if this does not fix your problem, please contact Support

Please see this video for a step by step procedure.


Method 1:

1. Open the Windows Control Panel, and navigate to “Add/Remove Programs” (on XP) or “Uninstall a program” (on Vista/Win7).

2. Uninstall “PunkBuster Services”.

3. Restart the machine after the uninstallation process has completed.

4. Open the APB Launcher. It will indicate that it is installing PunkBuster.

If this does not solve the issue, follow the alternative steps:

Method 2:

1. Navigate to the folder where APB is installed, and open the Binaries folder. Inside Binaries, select the ‘pb’ folder and delete it.

2. Open the following webpage: http://websec.evenba...load.php?file=1

3. Type in the Security Code and click Download Now.

4. Save the ‘pbsetup.zip’ file to your computer, and extract the ‘pbsetup.exe’ file from inside the zip file.

5. Run ‘pbsetup.exe’.

6. Click I Agree and OK.

7. Click ‘Add a Game’.

8. Next to Game, select APB Reloaded in the dropdown.

9. Next to Game Path, browse to the Binaries folder inside your APB installation folder. For example if APB is installed at C:\Games\APB Reloaded, then the box should read “C:\Games\APB Reloaded\Binaries\”.

10. Click ‘Add Game’.

11. Click ‘Check for Updates’.

12. When the update process completes, click OK and close the application.

13. If the game kicks you for no packet flow at this point, try restarting your computer.