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Announcement: APB: Reloaded Open Test World (also known as OTW) Posted by Tiggs



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This world, separate from our LIVE counterparts serves as a platform for new items such as cars and weapons, tweaks such as weapon balances and bug fixes such as the Jump-Scout to be tested, reviewed and released. It is the home of the SPCT and for many years have tirelessly given up their free time to help better the game. Now it is open for everyone to help drive the game ever forward and upward!


Before we begin, we want to make sure that the most frequent questions are answered before we delve deeper into the aim of OTW and how you can be a crucial part of the process;




Q: What is OTW?


A: OTW is an Open Test World designed as a mix between internal development builds and LIVE builds. It allows for a more realistic usage case scenario for updates, fixes and tweaks to the game that an internal build may not capitalize on.


Q: What is the difference between OTW and LIVE?


A: OTW is more in line with a testing environment rather than a natural playing experience. It is stressed that the OTW environment is meant for such, and should be viewed as separate to the normal environment you are used to. They are separate environments, with separate databases and by extension separate rules.


Q: Is OTW open to everyone?


A: OTW is open to anyone that has a premium subscription.


Q: I want to get into helping immediately! How do I do so?


A: Read below!


Along with the FAQ’s, we need to also lay down some ground rules to maximize the scheme’s success. It will also allow us to expand on OTW’s purpose going forward, and make sure that people fully understand its purpose.


Ground Rules

  • OTW should be viewed as a testing environment and separate to your normal experience with LIVE. As such, any opinions of future fixes, tweaks and new content should be viewed with the opinion of making them better, in terms of fitting the meta they are designed to fit in. In short, make sure to keep an open mind when testing.
  • OTW holds the same rules as LIVE, and a few more besides. We want OTW to be used for its intended purpose (testing, validation and tweaking), please respect it as such.
  • Testing times are important for gathering information to improve the Live experience. While you may see GMs, Devs, and other staff during testing periods, this isn't a time to spam them with suggestions, bug fixes, or other distracting messages. Please leave this information on the forums for them to read.
  • Please remember that not everything on OTW will make it to Live. There are items that may be tweaked in the process or removed entirely. Therefore, if something is potential OP or under-powered on OTW, please post your opinions on the OTW forums for discussion, rather than ranting and spreading bad rumors on the Live forums.
  • OTW will have more regular updates pushed to it, a representative of G1 or Tiggs will be sure to push notes for public viewing. Please be sure to bring friends along for testing if required. The SPCT will be available to assist when they are online, so be sure to ask them questions if you are unsure of something!
  • Remember that OTW will not be open at all times. OTW will be open during specified testing blocks (such as when a new build comes with fixes, tweaks or additions) and will be closed when not in use. Wipes and prolonged down-time will be commonplace to allow for a wider scope of testing to be naturally completed by the end user.
  • OTW will have content that has not been released to the public. To give an example, the NTEC “Ursus” has a NTEC7_Compact counterpart with vastly different stats and a different model that never made it past Field Testing for various reasons. We ask that you do not use these if testing with friends and to keep them tucked away for testing verification purposes, it allows us to gauge as close to LIVE as possible without disrupting the experience of the LIVE game.
  • Finally, OTW is a neutral testing environment. Of course your opinion is your own, but make sure to be fair in your assessment of anything that is pushed to OTW. There may be reasons why something was done in a particular way and players should keep an open mind while testing.


Now with that out of the way, we will go over installation, running and how you can be a crucial part of OTW.


Installation and first run


With a separate environment, OTW has a separate launcher and file repository over LIVE. It allows clients to run separate versions of the game without having to constantly change branches and update, especially with APB’s larger than average file size. With a separate environment, OTW also will not allow Free2Play players to participate, players will need to have premium to participate.


The OTW installer can be downloaded from here, download and install OTW.
You can report bugs on the OTW here.


As said before, due to separate environments, the launcher will also be different as well, as well as separate installation paths. Unless it is necessary, do not change the installation paths that the installer defaults to, and do not use the normal LIVE installation path for OTW. It will prevent a lot of headaches later on.
Once installed, the launcher will be located under the following directory;


If using a 32-bit OS: C:\Program Files\GamersFirst\APB OTW\Launcher
If using a 64-bit OS: C:\Program Files (x86)\GamersFirst\APB OTW\Launcher


From here, you can begin the downloading of the OTW file repository.


As OTW is just a branch off of the LIVE version of the game, the steps to log onto the game (NOTE: At the time of writing, Steam Login doesn’t work for OTW), create a character, getting onto a server and getting onto the game are all the same, but there is one key difference we would like to mention; the world that you will be choosing will be Test (NA Test).


Once you’ve created a new pawn in the brave new world, let us move onto preparing for testing!


Preparing for Testing


By now, you’re probably wondering how anyone would be able to get testing done with a brand new character, no weapons and no way of changing clothes. However, we’ve got you covered!


If you log into the game itself and re-acquaint yourself with the nearest mailbox to hand, you will see a very nice present has already been sent to your new character to bring it up to speed. In your care package (of many emails) you will get the following;

  • Money
  • Joker Tickets
  • All of the weapons in circulation so far
  • All of the clothing items in circulation so far
  • All of the cars and their respective kits, sounds and wheels in circulation so far
While this will be imperative to helping us test new features, guns, cars, tweaks and fixes, make sure not to redeem all of them at once! Even though you are on OTW, you still have limits to how much you can hold!


Things to keep in mind while testing


When testing new updates, whether it be fixes, tweaks or new content, it is imperative to keep a level head and be critical but fair with the item in question, especially if it is something that you may not be used to, such as a new weapon. All kinds of people have all kinds of play styles and as such, opinions can be completely different depending on who tests it and their preferences. While feedback can always be coupled with a bit of personal opinion, it's key to remain vigilant of the guns designed purpose, and how it fits into said role.


To this end, you should keep the following in mind while testing;



  • Are there any visual defects (back facing on visible areas for example)?
  • Are there any areas of the clothing that are abnormal to what you would expect?
  • Does the clothing allow easy application of symbols and color without adverse effects?
  • Can the clothing be worn with other items and webbing without adverse effects?
  • Are there any visual defects (back facing on visible areas for example)?
  • Is there anything on the gun model that is abnormal to what you would expect?
  • Does the weapon fire, eject bullet sprites and reload correctly?
  • Are the stats for the weapon in the game (roughly) match the intended stats report?
  • Does the weapon fit the current meta of weapons, fitting in without adversely affecting the game play balance and being viable to the current meta?
  • Are there any visual defects (back facing on visible areas for example)?
  • Are there any areas of the car that are abnormal to what you would expect?
  • Does the car function correctly, without adverse effects?
  • Does the car fit within the current meta of cars, fitting in without adversely affecting the game play balance and being viable to the current meta?
Once you are sure that you’ve gone over these and have made a good, fair opinion of the item in question, post about your experiences in the feedback thread on the item itself. It will help the APB Reloaded team gauge the community response to the item and highlight issues they may have missed or imbalances with a design choice. Every little bit helps, and your opinion does matter!


Remember as well the opinions of others. They hold as much credit as yours, so be courteous and be constructive if you disagree with something someone said in their feedback. The pen is mightier than the sword, and in this case, that is no exception. Remember the forum rules, and keep it clean.


So what now?


Once you feel that you are ready to take on the challenge, launch OTW and get testing! There is a lot to explore and a lot of testing to be done in the future.