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So we accept all how it is right now

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Abduct / Devote

Abduct / Devote


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20160 minutes works too.

I play by the names: Abduct Devote Feign Beneath



the anubis is a rifle and has a 3 shot ttk

lol ^




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why dont you guys just say fortnight like a normal person 





    You're being trolled

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Still wondering where this hacker infestation is.


Faced 3 hackers the past fortnight. Two of which are now banned cause of the recent FF jJerichobans?


Where are the hackers? Or is it just silvers in bronze district complaining.


dunno meeting 3 of them on a day is more than I see in ANY other game, and in APB this is a regular sight. so thats surely far more than in other games. Last time we played we saw enough of them to make people not wanting to play anymore. And even if they end on FF? whats the point they reroll and are back faster than they get banned. youc an basically track your game history on the FF list nowdays if youc na remember the people you played against.


seriously, meeting only 3 players on 2 weeks means you haven't palyed much in those weeks, on obeya prime time, those 3 people cheating is your daily doze of an evenings gametime, probably more but those are the ones you will find on FF within a few days after you encountered them. .

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seriously, meeting only 3 players on 2 weeks means you haven't palyed much in those weeks, 



Yeah I didn't play much last week.





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