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Looking to buy level 50 player

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Looking to buy level 50 player! plz sent a e-mail at  (xiristisolmon@gmail.com)




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You know that account sharing is bannable or?


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RMT is bannable, not that anyone cares here though... Actually, it may be a bait for mods.

If you are still reading forum posts it means you never actually left. There is still a little piece of nostalgia for this game in your heart that will hardly die. Sad thing is that this game probably wont get better, but we can hope. Either way, you are still here, you still care, and we need you.





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Why buy a character, let alone 5 levels short of end game?

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Naughty!! Tut* Tut* Tut*




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Looking to buy level 50 player! plz sent a e-mail at  (xiristisolmon@gmail.com)


If you want to be 50-55 that badly just buy a wardrobe all unlock, sell it on AH for like 3y, and buy everything you need to 55.


1-8 : Sector 1, recommend Zanesville

8-20 : Diesel Town rats (Way south, not just outside of it as those are stronger and take longer to respawn)

20 to 35 : Trader's Flat Rats (Second T in Haiatta.. if i spelt that right on the sector 3 map)

35+ : Whitecrow in Deadfall

45+ : Whitecrow and Citadel

50+ : Dome


3y after doing Zanesville quest should easily cover 20-25 armor/weapons, 35 armor/weapons, and then your 50+ gear. The only thing you'll have to work on is GT Armor and AP weapons, but you could always just buy more wardrobe unlock alls to sell, or tradeable premiums until you have enough. AP weapons should sell for around 5.5y and GT suits should be 2y (any higher and they are scamming the hell out of you, you could easily farm the parts yourself for less than 15r) while GT helmets should be 20r to 40r at most.


But yes RMT is bannable

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