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How do you level up Rating fast?

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Hi, Im pretty new to the game and i dont understand the rating system, i see people in my level with 10x the amount of rating i have Example - I have 26 rating some other guy the same level as me have 170 how is that possible???? Please help!



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Your rating indicates your progress through in-game contacts. 195 is the maximum available rating and is awarded for completing every contact and boss within APB.
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Rating doesn't mean anything, it goes up with each contact level you have gained. You can make it go up "fast" by doing the early contacts equally instead of maxing out a single branch (since higher tier contacts level up slower).

Other than that, get premium (+30% boost in standing rewards) and kill a lot of dudes while winning a mission while N5/P5. :)
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There is no level actually. No direct progression at least. You must be refering to threat level. And tl is something quite strange now. The more you play the more medium it tends to get, so it's happening a lot that half decent new players are getting the same tl that vets that are not that awesome (like me).

Rating is a mere count of how long you played, it goes up whenever you get a level with a contact. Do an inspect (>) at the guy and see how many hours he has played.

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View PostMahaprema, on Jun 30 2011, 01:16 PM, said:

You must be refering to threat level.

:P Ofc hes not.
OP: Threat Level is the little icon (bullets/guns/skulls for crim, chevrons/stars for enfs) in Bronze/Silver/Gold (10levels icons per colour) that dictates your Matchmaking abilitiy. The more you win, the more dangerous you are, the higher your TL.

Your Rating, the little "R27" or whatnot, is how many contact levels they have. Once you finish the tutorial district (new chars to the action districts) all start at R09. Thats lvl 5 with the Tutorial Contact + lvl 1 with each of the 4 starting contacts 5+1+1+1+1 = 9 :)
When you level a contact from 2->3, your Rating goes up 1. When you max a contact at level 10, you gain 2 Rating (from hitting 10 with that one and unlocking the next contact at lvl 1). So someone with R93+ MAY have a Rocket Launcher (lvl 6 with the a faction boss), if they didnt remotely touch the other faction. (If I focusses solely on Prentiss Tigers, I'd have a Rocket Launcher at R93. But since I levelled a few Pratorian contacts, I'm at R120ish and still no Rockets :P ).
Rating simply gives an indication of how much that person has played (like they played time, but more accurate)



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Well, to get rating fast, you need to be good. That person with 10x your rank might be really bad or farmed low Threat Level. Either way, do really well, get a lot of contact standing per mission, or just play for a really really long time and you will get there eventually.

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